An argument in support of mail-in and ranked choice voting

The authors make very valid points in how well both of these concepts can work. And use Wyoming as an example of it working in real time.

Maybe it is time for the states (NOT the Feds), to move forward to protect the right to vote for ALL citizens. The Feds can provide monetary support as needed WITHOUT it being a mandate on the states.

16 thoughts on “An argument in support of mail-in and ranked choice voting

  1. Since the voter fraud argument has been showed to be a fraud the ONLY reason to stand in the way of aggressive mail even internet voting is to suppress the voice of American citizens.

    The old(er) white populous will fight tooth and nail to stop it, but they will continue to die off and eventually the voice of the people will be heard.

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  2. Ranked choice voting, definitely yes.

    But mail in voting, Nope.

    I would suggest that we would all be better off if about 60% of the voters stayed home. Are we really best governed by the choice of those who are driven by the latest conspiracy theory, celebrity endorsement or cleverest commercial?

    Would it not be better of those who took things seriously chose the government?

    So, I would propose that we vote in person,and at an undisclosed location at the end of a 3 or 4 step scavenger hunt, starting at last year’s polling place and with clues at each step based on the Constitution or US history.

    The other option leads to “Idiocracy”


    1. “Are we really best governed by the choice of those who are driven by the latest conspiracy“

      Are you suggesting that is not currently the case?

      Watching Jordan Kleper interview people at multiple trump rallies makes me believe that is a major factor as to why he is President.

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      1. I would think there are plenty of shallow minded voters on both sides, and I would prefer to be governed by those chosen by those who take voting seriously enough to make some effort.

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          1. Brilliant! I’ve caught my co-worker watching these kind of things from the other side of reality (Ben Shapiro as an example). Nice to see it really is a two-way street.

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          1. “Which is better – to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away or by three thousand tyrants one mile away?” Mather Byles 1744

            Democracy is overrated


          2. As many have stated before,we are NOT a democracy; we are a democratic republic. You may not like it, but is has worked pretty well for over 200 years.


          3. Nah. Don doesn’t think the Libertarian Party should be running a candidate for President. He wants dog catchers and the like first.

            Wait. Does a dog catcher infringe on the liberty of a loose dog?


    2. At major elections we make it hard for working people to vote. If you work hourly at a “long day” type job that you commute to, that gives you a tiny two hour window at the front or backend. Bad weather, polling problems, work issues…too bad.

      Retired, business owners, self employed, professionals have a much better shot at moving hours around.

      I think the most equitable way is a national 2 day window, with one or the other a national holiday that is picked by the person or the employer. Then easier mail-in voting as an option.

      I have a much higher regard for the average American than you seem to have. It also tamps down the extremists who tend to turn out more in all elections.

      Of course I also think that campaigns should be limited to 8 weeks and funding limited to a max of 2500.00 or so per person. Plus you can only donate to the candidate you can cast a ballot for. No more Citizens United crap for corporations, special interests or Las Vegas billionaires.

      But that’s just me.

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