Blue States vs Red States

Early on this board someone claimed it was a myth that Blue States support Red States. This AP fact check explains quite clearly how it is NOT a myth.

However, the true economy of this country is an interstate endeavor. Interstate commerce is necessary for ALL states to be successful. There are things grown, created, built in Red States that are used more in Blue States. There are services in Blue States that Red States count on for stability.

Mitch McConnell even suggesting that Blue states don’t ‘deserve’ benefits of stimulus funds just continues the divisive nature of the GOP and the President. Divide and conquer? That’s great in war. Not so great when the entire country is suffering under this pandemic, both economically and health wise.

The real myth is that there is a difference between the states economically. We ALL need each other to be successful and prosper. We should not be battling over who pays what and who TAKES what. We are all in this together.

15 thoughts on “Blue States vs Red States

  1. Again, this article perpetuates the same fallacy that wealth is created where the taxes are paid.

    While corporate headquarters, with their high paid executives, tend to be in major cities in Blue states, the actual wealth creation by those corporation largely takes place in Red states.

    For example, Archer Daniels Midland has its headquarter and pays its taxes in Chicago. How many farms do they have their?

    Until they recently moved their headquarters from NY to TX, Exxon was paying taxes in NYC. Right there among the oilfields in Queens?

    But it would be a harsh but easy experiment to run. Just stop the trucks going in and out of major cities and see who gets hungry and cold first.


    1. Ignoring the math is just a way to try and make your argument. And it is a massive failure.

      As an example, taken from the Fact Check piece, Kentucky, home to the Magic one, Mitch McConnell, gets $1.90 for every tax dollar it pays. Whereas NY gets .81. If you lost .19 per share on a stock you would dump it in a heartbeat.

      …” Archer Daniels Midland has its headquarter and pays its taxes in Chicago. How many farms do they have their?” There are over 75,000 farms in Illinois. I’m pretty sure ADM owns a few of them.

      Don’t see where the fallacy is in basic math.

      “Just stop the trucks going in and out of major cities and see who gets hungry and cold first.” As stated, our national economy is an interstate compact with creators and users in all 50 states. You conveniently ignored that. But I’m not surprised because it doesn’t allow you to continue your mythology.

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      1. Again, corporations pay their taxes where their headquarters are located, and their highest paid employees are there too.

        But that has nothing whatsoever to do with where wealth is created.

        ADM doesn’t create a dime of wealth in Chicago.


    2. “perpetuates the same fallacy that wealth is created where the taxes are paid.“

      Wow, that is NOT the point of the article in the slightest. Trying to tie your pet peeves to everything is tiresome.

      I thought it was your ground rule to stay on topic?

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    3. @Tabor

      At the risk of a suggested banishment by Mr. Roberts I will note again that yet another post of yours is beyond ridiculous. The simple fact is that Democratically leaning states pay more in federal taxes than they receive from the federal government and Republican leaning states receive more than they pay in federal taxes. That is not a myth. It is the fact of the matter.

      Your very silly argument based on starving city people in blue states falls apart with even a tiny bit of objective analysis.

      1. By far our largest agricultural state is very, very blue. California.
      2. Significant agricultural production is found in every state, not just red states.
      3. Without the machines designed, built and or imported in blue states, farmers would be lucky to feed themselves.
      4. Food is only one kind of wealth and a small portion of what is produced that makes up wealth.

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      1. I’m beginning to wonder if, as trump becomes increasingly unhinged his cult is drawn to a similar place.

        As I read the right -center and alt-right news sources I find that the use of facts has decreased and the the degree of “spin” has gone up significantly.

        I guess I liken it to seeing a house of cards implode after you’ve spent so much of your time and invested so much of yourself in its creation…

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        1. @Jimmie
          Hopefully it is like a fever that reaches crisis level before it breaks? Trump cultists have always had to deal with high levels of cognitive dissonance. It must be even worse for them now.

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        1. @Tabor

          Trying to change the terms of the debate? We are talking about red state versus blue state federal tax payments versus benefits received. Blue states give a lot more than they get. Plain and simple truth.

          Most tractors nowadays are largely imported through ports in states like California, New York and New Jersey. Or made here from components imported through such blue states.

          Of course, this is a feckless discussion since the economy is too complex and integrated to support very silly claims that wealth is mainly produced in red states.

          You keep bringing up corporations. Why? Their share of federal income taxes is slim. 6% to be precise. Just one more reason why your “analysis” is nonsense.

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          1. @Tabor

            You been drinking?

            Executives live and pay taxes in every state. What does THAT have to do with which states pay more to the federal government than they get back? Or even where wealth is produced?

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    4. NY sends $30 billion per year more than it gets back from Washington. Kentucky takes about $29 billion more than it sends.

      So no matter how it’s parsed, NY is subsidizing Kentucky.

      Now, Eastern KY has been poor since I can remember. As has most of Appalachia. And yet, the resources that were mined there by private corporations fueled the industrial might of our country. That area should have been the Silicon Valley of its era with the best schools, universities, highest per capita income, great healthcare, etc. and since coal was still king until just a few decades ago, or less, that wealth should still be apparent with all the educational benefits.

      But we know better.

      So who squandered all that wealth and now takes money, as it has for a long time, from the feds to stay afloat? Hint: crony capitalism and flat out corporate terrorism.

      Now if you argued that the monied states need to help the farm states because we are all Americans and a collective effort to feed, clothe, educate and provide good healthcare is just good business, I would not totally disagree. Essentially that is what is happening. Yet this nasty rivalry promulgated by the rural states that the “elites” on the coasts are not worthy Americans is part and parcel the movement by conservatives to divide Americans into “us and them”. Thank you Newt Gingrich for starting that and Donald Trump for perfecting it.


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