7 thoughts on “FPM: 1-800-INFORM

  1. The meth lab next door has been giving out free sample to the teens in the neighborhood.

    Yeah, I’d call…

    Although I’ll admit I’d be very tempted to take care of the issue myself…

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  2. I asked about this early on concerning a local gym (across the street form my work), having a regular flow of customers in and out. I did not report them and won’t.

    If some people feel so inclined, they should look closely in a mirror before doing so. -IMO

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    1. It certainly is a matter of degree. If the virus was Ebola would you have the same perspective?

      Even given the unknowns of Corona, I wonder what the perspective of a 75 year old obese person with underlying health problems would be?

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      1. I don’t recall Ebola coming here like this.

        But it is all in the individual perspective. In my case it is the fairness of it in that my preferred yoga studio has gone to on-line only in keeping with the orders form the governor. I do hope that they get to open May 8th or there abouts, with proper social distancing practices in place, along with disinfection procedures that were being practiced prior to the official stay at home order.


  3. What’s “fair” to one person could be deadly to another, but I have no problem with following the advice/direction of the medical community experts as to the degree of risk and react accordingly.

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