This one is for you, Len

Sweden says their no lock down worked. The numbers seem to show otherwise.

14 thoughts on “This one is for you, Len

  1. Perhaps nothing, perhaps inconvenient fact?

    On a related note: the Vice President went to visit patients at the Mayo Clinic today and against their stated policy and federal directives did not wear a mask.

    He met with infected people and exposed himself, who may be infected as well, to others.

    What The Fuck does this say to the American people and about this Administration?

    Asking for a friend….

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    1. Perhaps you could share the story of Pence meeting with “infected” patients. Every story says he met with staff for a meeting about testing and at one point met with 10 staff and one patient but didn’t say that patient was a virus patient. I just don’t think 10 staff would sit around in a conference room with an infected patient, mask or not.


      1. And every story indicated that the Mayo Clinic policy is for ALL visitors to wear masks. How is it Trumpists believe that everyone involved can flout rules and laws just because they want to. “I wanted to look [them] in the eye”. Seriously? Never saw any of those masks covering anyone’s eyes.

        Next, Pence will claim that G-d will protect him and he doesn’t need to wear a mask. Ever.


        1. So the answer to my question is you, Paul and Drugie just make shit up as you go along and light your hair on fire screaming we are all gonna die. Thanks for clarifying that.


      2. And why was EVERY OTHER SWINGING DICK with him wearing masks? Protocols, especially in hospitals, are not to be ignored. Ask the CDC about their initial test roll out about that.


          1. You accuse me of deflection and then refuse to answer the question with some BS attacking Jimmie cause you don’t like his appearance? Do you even own a mirror?

            You did answer my earlier question though: You do enjoy being an idiot.


  2. One of the usual suspects at BR blog is tracking VDoC prisoner stats. Currently, 364 total infections with 2 dead. Scaled to the nation, all else equal, that’s 2,000,000 dead, which was the pre-lockdown estimate.

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