Sweden’s experiment now faces test…springtime.


A decent current update on the one nation that opted for no lockdown.

Unfortunately the death rate is still quite high. 217/million and climbing. Ours is 158/million and climbing. Or as a comparison by size, (we are 33 times more populous) Sweden has lost 72,000 to our 52,000 in equivalent impact.

Being a first generation Swede, I can assure anyone, as the link mentions, that spring is a huge deal in Sweden. People will start sunbathing in 50+ degrees. Outdoor gatherings and activities are treated as sacred. After all, the winters are dark, long and cold.

The Swede’s generally, not necessarily universally though, do trust their government and, more importantly in this case, the scientists. Evidently a lot more than we do. This could play out well or not. Their updates and info come from the top scientist and not the Prime Minister, King, or other politicians.

We’ll see.

9 thoughts on “Sweden’s experiment now faces test…springtime.

  1. Interesting read. Thanks.

    A couple of points . . .

    The most vulnerable people are in nursing homes but in Sweden their deaths are not being counted. Therefore it would seem that the deaths per million comparison would be even more favorable to our lockdown approach if it were an apples to apples comparison.

    Also, the graphs of rolling average deaths per day presented are on a logarithmic scale. Even though the graphs look similar the underlying numbers are orders of magnitude different. Sweden has roughly double the population of either Norway or Denmark but their deaths per day are about ten times as high.

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    1. I found the elder care facilities exclusion troubling as well. It creates a bit of an apples to oranges situation, particularly if that’s where half the fatalities are occurring.

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    1. Aquavit is the national liquor. Made from potatoes and flavored with caraway and other spices.

      The “best” is supposed to be the Norwegian version which was loaded in wooded casks and stored on ships to cross the equator twice. The rolling ship ensured that the liquor was moved in the casks to impart a certain flavor. And, of course, a higher price.

      There are some that would compare Clorox favorably to the flavor of aquavit, but for my taste, it is palatable when chased by a beer and some pickled herring, etc.

      Trivia from the North Countries.

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      1. Whilst researching the joke, I found that Swedes drink brännvin, “burnt wine” but decided the humor would be lost in the use of a liquor name nobody had ever heard before, hence Absolut.

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        1. When I grew up, brännvin was any strong drink like Aquavit or vodka. The word means that the liquor is strong enough to burn when you drink it. Not so much burnt wine.

          I just got an email from my cousin’s daughter in Sweden. After the usual family chitchat, she said that things are tough. Her words:

          “We are all following the strict recommendations and guidelines from the Health Authority. Yes, we didn´t close down as much compared to other countries and it is a scientific discussion of pros and cons with that. Schools are open but most for children who have parents in critical positions. Restaurants still open, but no guests, so many businesses go bankrupt and people losing their jobs. Haven´t been as bad since the big Depression in the 1920’s.”

          The nursing home issues weigh heavily on them. Lack of medical training among staff, like here, is an issue.

          A little editorial to provide a foreign view of our administration:

          “Yes, it seems that your president is one of a kind. Hard to believe that he can still be on the post. The corona impact on the US seems to be awful and I do feel for you all.“

          Anyway, there is my contribution to “boots on the ground” reporting from the Old Country.

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    1. Childhood flash back to the cheapest beer my mother could find. Milwaukee’s Best Light. I would borrow the car to drive to NY state just so I didn’t have to “liberate” anything from her for my own beer-drinking pleasure.


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