3 thoughts on “New song from Randy Rainbow

  1. Political satire and parody are as American as apple pie.

    I was about 14 or so when Vaughn Meader came out with “The First Family” record about the Kennedy White House.

    And of course, Will Rogers never met a politician he couldn’t skewer.

    Of course favorite targets more recently were Bill Clinton, still the target of comedic fireworks, and the linguistic gymnast “W”. Someone gave me a calendar that had no less than 365 butchered phrases by Bush.

    Sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves. And our government is “us”.


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    1. Vote early, vote often. Vote for the Kennedy of your choice, but vote.

      “Uh, uh, good night, Jackie.”
      “Good night, John.”

      “Eh, good night, Bobby.”

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  2. He does have a good Broadway musical voice. He probably could pull off a major role, but why when Weird Al has more money in the bank than anyone he parodied with the exception of Michael Jackson.

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