Now Rudy is an expert

He doesn’t understand how the virus works, so he talks about it like it is the same as AIDS, obesity, and heart disease.

And his accomplice, Ms. Ingraham, just goes with it.

Now do you wonder why smart people worry when their friends and family members get their info from Fox News talking heads?

6 thoughts on “Now Rudy is an expert

  1. 10’s of millions get their information from FOX and it’s very popular pundits. Their influence is pretty evident in polls.

    What a shame they couldn’t be more helpful in a crisis. In this episode, Giuliani and Ingraham are yucking it up comparing a highly contagious disease with cancer, heart disease and HIV. the implication that is OK to go out and play.

    That 51,000+ people have died in 6 weeks from a disease that didn’t exist here until February or possibly January doesn’t occur to them.

    Maybe they need to expand their horizons outside the propaganda bubble.

    Or better yet, shut up.

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    1. A lifelong associate of Giuliani’s described him as in mental decline and fixated on remaining in the public eye by any means possible. He liken his situation to a form of elder abuse by his “handlers” who profit from his notoriety.

      Of course Ingram is just a Limbo wannabe who has zero credibility or, obviously, a conscience.

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    1. @Tabor
      I did not see where CDC has stopped efforts at contact tracing from that link. Looks like they are funding and encouraging such efforts. Not sure who your gripe is with.

      With a disease such as COVID-19 the potential of contact tracing is very limited. Transmission does not require anything analogous to the intimacy by which STDs are transmitted from person to person. Still, it is important to do what can be done but it is necessary that reliable tests be part of it.

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      1. Some States still do it, but most stopped even though the Feds help fund it during the AIDS epidemic.

        That’s not an argument against it. It remains a good public health measure. Spread prior to symptoms will complicate it.


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