The flip. Then the flop.

Trump tells the governors they are on their own for testing. The GOP governor of Maryland uses his wife’s ability to communicate with South Korea, and her ability to negotiate, to secure 500,000 test kits.

Then Trump criticizes said governor for doing what he was told to do. SMH.

And concerning the testing capacity. Well, the VP just opened up the military and federal testing labs in Maryland (and other states) for use by the states. AFTER the “briefing” yesterday. …”Hogan was being interviewed live on CNN. He said his state “already knew where the lab facilities are,” but “more than half” were “federal facilities that we have desperately been trying to get help from, or military facilities.” Not long after, Vice President Mike Pence appeared at the podium during the briefing, and said the administration would make federal and military facilities “available to governors across the states.” ” Reactive vice proactive. Such wonderful leadership.

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