22 thoughts on “Nero fiddled.

  1. Ho hum. more revision and hindsight.

    Didn’t you just yesterday point out that Europe was a month deeper into the pandemic than we are? That was a month for us to learn how to deal better with the disease.

    When compared with what was possible in realtime, and not with 20/20 hindsight, Trump has done better than other world leaders, and did it while dealing with a 3 year effort to obstruct and sabotage his Presidency.


    1. What was possible in real time from mid-January through mid-March?

      Aside from non-restrictive travel “restrictions”. Face it, they were pretty useless since there were so many loopholes and the screening was haphazard.

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      1. And even those restrictions were blasted as ‘racist’ by the Speaker of the House and Senate Minority Leader.

        Everything that has been accomplished was done over the resistance and exploitation of the issue by Democrats.

        Had they been alive a generation earlier, they’d have been cheering for Japan at Pearl Harbor.


        1. Oh PLEASE, I know you have a visceral hatred of the DEMs but trying to tie this incompetent Government reaction to them is silly.

          Pearl Harbor, why stop there ? 9/11, 08 recession, cancellation of MASH…..

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          1. Pointing out that everyone is a genius in hindsight, but at the time, Democrats were doing their best to interfere with what did work, at least for a while.

            You’re comparing Trump to a perfect response, guided by hindsight, and I’m pointing out that with the information available at the time, leaders from your side advocated nothing better, and instead immediately sought to exploit a worldwide tragedy for political gain while offering nothing proactive.


          2. “Comparing trump to a perfect response”

            Nothing could be further from the truth. The bar for trump is incredibly low. He had plenty of time and notice to do some fundamental things that could have protected the American people and failed miserably.

            Continuing to insist that he reacted appropriately when he did EXACTLY the opposite is just unsupportable..

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          3. @Tabor

            Joe Biden did not need hindsight when he wrote an op-ed published by USA Today on January 27 that was eerily prescient of the looming disaster and the Trump administration’s incompetence.


            Trump’s delay in facing – or at least telling – the truth from late January until mid March is why we have become the epicenter of this pandemic.

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          4. @Tabor

            Maybe you have a actual example of “Democrats doing their best to interfere.” Perhaps you refer to some criticism of his porous China Travel ban? Maybe their complaining that the $2.5 billion funding request was way too small for the size of the problem? They did not seem to need hindsight when they pushed back on that.

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        2. Pearl Harbor? Really?
          Not surprised though. The Trumpsters continue to twist themselves in knots to support the seriously lacking fellow in the WH.

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        3. @Tabor

          Uh, no. You have been duped again. Trump whines that he was called a racist by Pelosi and you just repeat it. Sorry, it did not happen. At least not with respect to coronavirus. To be fair she rightfully referred to “racist tweets” in 2019 after Trump tweeted that four Congresswomen should go back to countries they came from. Close enough, right?

          This is another good example of how right wing media and Trump massage the truth. On January 31 Nancy Pelosi issued a formal statement condemning Trump’s expansion of his three year old anti-Muslim travel ban which had nothing to do with the pandemic. She did not say it was racist but pointed out that it blocked 350 million people – mostly Africans – from travelling to the United States. She called it “discrimination disguised as policy.”

          The travel ban in question was against people from Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Tanzania and Sudan none of which were pandemic hot spots at the time the expanded travel ban was issued.


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          1. True, that particular lie is getting old.

            I have noticed a LOT of that with the cult; find a comment and apply it to whatever event that serves to misinform the factually challenged.

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        4. Please cite the Pelosi “racist” quotes.

          We don’t hire presidents to wonder about hindsight. We pay them to have a modicum of foresight. Especially when close, appointed advisors are practically screaming “pandemic” back in January. When a closed door session with senators and the White House caused consternation enough for a few to sell stock. When China called our CDC directly in early January to warn us.

          I know Trump was distracted by, what, 10 rallies 7 golf trips, parties at Mar a Lago so he was certainly busy. Too busy to delegate Azar to actually check on our prep status in case the pandemic that was spreading all over the world in a matter of weeks might actually not give a rat’s ass that we are “exceptional”. Maybe stop encouraging manufacturers of PPE’s to look for China markets through the end of February was not helpful.


          Meanwhile, the US is the hotspot of the world. Those 40,000 people who weren’t restricted traveling
          from China might very well be creating more problems all over the world. And they were Americans. So we are now the source.

          I think most anybody could have prepared a lot better. The key was to have someone who actually cared about Americans and not just the DOW or rallies.


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        5. “We are not the hotspot of the world?”

          Your link shows us having 750,000 cases v 950,000 scattered among all the other nations.

          So you are correct. Give us time. When the red states open up for business, we will probably catch up quickly.

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    2. @Tabor

      Ho Hum?
      Do you not have the ability to see indifference, inaction and magical thinking when it is laid out chapter and verse.

      Yes, we had at least an extra month before the virus took hold here and that time was wasted which is exactly what this timeline documents. Worse than wasted, it was a time when the President mislead the nation about how serious the issue would be. When science advisers were telling him about the importance of social distancing he did NOT spread the word and even continued to hold campaign rallies. He had no good answer as to why so he lashed out.

      The revisionist history in view here is Trump’s baloney about how vigorous his response to the virus has been. This timeline includes everything that his campaign put on THEIR timeline and still it is very, very thin.

      As for doing better than other world leaders let’s try to be clear. He has done better than SOME other world leaders and some have done far better than he has.

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    3. …”while dealing with a 3 year effort to obstruct and sabotage his Presidency.”

      It’s called multi-tasking. Clinton had no issue when he was being impeached. And don’t get me started on obstruction of a president’s agenda. Magic Mitch and the GOP spent 6 years IN POWER doing the same to Obama. And Trump has 2 years of total control party-wise. Your whining about Trump’s impeachment being an impediment to doing his job just shows how weak he really is.

      As another poster said: That dog don’t hunt.”

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