In case you forgot about it…

Senate Intel disagrees quite a bit with House Intel. Of course, the Senate committee acted in a much more bipartisan manner than their House counterparts. And the Senate chairman wasn’t a Trump stooge looking for a bone from his master.

Of note: “The report finds that U.S. intelligence agencies did not use information from the infamous Steele dossier to support its findings. The dossier was included in a highly classified annex to the assessment, which was in line with President Obama’s directive.””

Can’t wait for the spin doctors here to weigh in.

8 thoughts on “In case you forgot about it…

  1. Not to play devil’s advocate, but the last bipartisan action I remember members of the Senate Intel Committee taking was dumping their portfolios.

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  2. But the Senate is owned by the Democrats. Oh sure, not the majority, but they filibuster everything.

    Well, Mitch, I am sure you’ll get a phone call from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in the next 24 hours. No more masks and gowns for your state. Stock up on plastic trash bags and get masks from central casting in Hollywood.

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        1. He doesn’t fix them. He just hides them in the black hole drawer in his desk. Like all of the bills passed by the House and not even sent to appropriate Senate committees.


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