Trump’s video of coronavirus actions accidentally reveals how he mishandled things in February

Used VOX’s headline. Too good not to.

Rupar does a good job of pointing out the may fallacies in Trump’s campaign video, made allegedly, buy White House staffers. Who are also probably illegally working on his campaign.

52 thoughts on “Trump’s video of coronavirus actions accidentally reveals how he mishandled things in February

  1. The VOX piece is garbage.

    As late as Feb 28, Dr Fauci, whom the left now idolizes, said that Coronavirus was not a serious threat to the people of the US, and the testing fiasco cannot be laid at Trump’s feet. That was entirely the fault of the FDA and CDC bureaucracy.

    AS to VOX’s questioning of why Trump deserves credit for multiple private pharmaceutical companies working on vaccines, it is because prior to Trump’s EO, the FDA was prohibiting those companies from working on them or even possessing samples of the virus to work with.

    Trump hasn’t done everything perfectly, but the weeks lost early on are totally the fault of the entrenched FDA and CDC bureaucracy and like much of Trump’s success, it has come by reining in those bureaucracies.


    1. @Tabor

      Okay, I will play nice. I will not point out yet again that Trump has had full control of the FDA and CDC for three years now and that THEIR failings are HIS failings. So, let’s not go there. You think managing the government was just too darn hard for Trump and I guess the evidence is you are right.

      But, please share, what was the “stable genius” thinking behind Trump’s many weeks of downright lying and fabulous predictions about the looming pandemic? What public benefit came from most of his followers and even some others believing that Mardi Gras, Spring Break, etc. should be no different from previous years?

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      1. So, you’re saying that Trump should have overruled Fauci based on no evidence or data, just because you can now with the benefit of hindsight?

        Fauci, the nations foremost infectious disease expert told Trump, and us, that the coronavirus would not be a problem here right up till the end of February.

        Trump acted on that advice.

        Events have shown Fauci, and others at the CDC and NIH were overly optimistic, but that was their advice to the President in real time.

        Absent a time machine, what was Trump to do?


      2. @Tabor

        I asked a simple question. You ducked it. Care to try again?

        From mid-January onward Trump had plenty of warning and know how bad it could be? What was the purpose for all the lies and rosy predictions?

        January 18th Alex Azar briefed Trump on the looming danger. He didn’t even pay attention.
        January 27th Joe Grogan predicts catastrophe
        January 29th Peter Navarro predicts catastrophe
        January 30th WHO declares global pandemic.

        And for the record Fauci NEVER said that we would soon be a zero cases or that like a miracle it would just go away. When Trump apologists throw out this late February sound bite from Fauci they leave out the full context and that was that there was no need for social distancing UNTIL there is evidence of community spread. Even with such evidence in abundance, Trump continued his lies.

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        1. Fauci, on Feb 28, told Trump and the public, that the Corona virus was not a serious threat to the people of the United States.

          Is it your position Trump should have ignored Fauci or not?


          1. “This is a pandemic. I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic,” Trump said at a press conference with his coronavirus task force. “All you had to do was look at other countries.”

            Trump didn’t need Fauci, I obviously.

            He KNEW and bragged that he knew.

            WTF. If he knew why didn’t he get the prep going, check on testing availability, etc,

            A few phone calls, some XO’s, meet with HHS, CDC, make sure we were ready and if not, get ready.

            Any Boy Scout could have done that. And gone to all the real lies and golf games.

            Instead he lied to us. Never told us what he KNEW.

            That is what pisses me off the most. He is the president and his job is to ensure the security of the US among other, lesser crap. Pandemics are more dangerous than invasions, terrorist attacks and a slew of other “threats”.

            Was he even thinking about American security? Or just his frickin’ popularity.

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          2. FYI

            “ In late 2018, the Trump administration transferred responsibility for managing the stockpile from the CDC to a different part of HHS — a controversial move resisted by the CDC that placed the stockpile under the assistant secretary for preparedness and response (ASPR). According to current and former state and federal officials, the handover was bumpy.”

            So that was two years ago. Took it directly into HHS from CDC.

            So what was the point if not to make sure we were stocked?

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          3. RE: “Nah, he just ignored them. Bunch of alarmists.”

            Don’t assume Trump’s advisors gave him a simple, definitive warning. They didn’t. They told him (properly) a two-part message: a) the pandemic risk had high severity, and b) low probability. What would YOU have done under those circumstances? Do you think that high severity alone is any justification for a whatever-it-takes response?

            In your own life, getting hit by a bus would be a high-severity event, but the odds are almost zero that it will ever happen to you. You probably do almost nothing about it, other than spend a small fraction of your income on the applicable part of an insurance policy.

            How much more attention would you pay to this particular risk if you had to rely on Virginia’s General Assembly to finance other mitigations that you conceive the severity of the consequences merit? Probably very little.

            These are the kinds of considerations you aren’t accounting for in your condemnation of the president.


          4. @Tabor

            The image you paint of hair on fire political hacks being shutdown by wise old Doctor Fauci telling Trump not to worry is laughable on its face. All by cherry-picking a few carefully worded public statements which Fauci had to make to keep his position safe. And, of course, you choose to ignore Trump’s own claim that he knew it was a serious pandemic before just about everybody.

            Re: “Careful Len, you’re turning into Paul.”

            THAT is your response when Len provides a synopsis of relevant facts that demonstrate just how lame and imaginary your defense of Trump actually is? Kind of pitiful don’t you think?

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    2. RE: “Trump hasn’t done everything perfectly, but the weeks lost early on are totally the fault of the entrenched FDA and CDC bureaucracy and like much of Trump’s success, it has come by reining in those bureaucracies.”

      The armchair generals should also remember that even in February, the probability of occurrence of a full blown pandemic within the United States was only 1%. Fauci in particular soft-pedalled the risk, probably because that estimate is from his own NIH.

      It is simply not rational to criticise the president for failing to mitigate a risk that no reasonable person expected to materialize. You might as well complain about black swans.


      1. @Roberts

        “No reasonable person. . .” except most of the people around Trump with responsibility for such matters. Joe Grogan, Alex Azar and Peter Navarro all offered very dire warnings before January was over. Trump was busy playing golf and paid little attention until it was far too late.

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        1. RE: ” except most of the people around Trump with responsibility for such matters. Joe Grogan, Alex Azar and Peter Navarro all offered very dire warnings before January was over.”

          Irrelevant. The warnings may have been “dire,” but that’s only half the story. The probability was low.


          1. The probability was NOT low. By the time of these dire warnings there were already cases in the United States and other countries were dealing with disasters. But even if something is far from certain, if that something is a monumental disaster as predicted by the President’s advisers it is still serious and demands action. Not lies and bullshit.

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          2. RE: “Math thingy warning!!”

            It’s not math, you dolt. It’s risk management. Maybe that’s why you are having a problem.


          3. RE: “The probability was NOT low.”

            Really? What do you think the probability that a few Covid-19 cases in the U.S. would become an epidemic actually was?


          4. “The probability was low?”

            It was a lot higher than an invasion by Russia. Yet we manage to keep our military well supplied and trained.

            But we know that Trump knew all along it was a serious pandemic long before it was even called a pandemic. He said so.

            So why lie about it? Why denigrate the media who were reporting the truth?

            Why not prepare?

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          5. RE: “It [the probability] was a lot higher than an invasion by Russia.”

            Is that a fact? In the link I provided, the NIH had calculated the probability at 1%. Do you think that’s a higher probability than a Russian invasion?

            RE: “But we know that Trump knew all along it was a serious pandemic long before it was even called a pandemic.”

            So what? Don’t confuse severity of occurrence with probability of occurrence.


          6. “ Don’t confuse severity of occurrence with probability of occurrence.”

            If we knew it was a pandemic, then the probability of occurrence was 100%.

            That is, it was already a world epidemic. A pandemic.

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          7. @Roberts

            YOU are the dolt. You are either stupid or dishonest or both. The paper you cite gave a 1% risk of a pandemic killing 6 million or more people in any given year. So far, this pandemic is not close to that scale. It was NOT – as you are trying to pretend – an estimate of the chances of this corona virus becoming a pandemic. Once a new virus has wrecked havoc in a country and is beginning to spread the odds change dramatically. Once those dire warnings were offered in January the probability of serious issues was very high, not very low. Obviously.

            This is the kind of dishonest bullshit that you and your fellow Trumpers pull all the time. Anything to blow smoke around the horrible failures of your Dear Leader.

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        2. Joe Grogan is a politican, Alex Azar is a Pharma lobbyist, and Navarro is an economist.

          So, Trump was supposed to take their word over the NIH’s head of Infectious disease?


          1. Why not? He appointed them as his cabinet and close advisors. Smart men aren’t they? Personal picks.

            Bring in Fauci and show him the warnings from his staff.

            Nah, he just ignored them. Bunch of alarmists.

            Navarro being an economist is not to be dismissed. He warned specifically about the economic dangers a pandemic could cause. Azar told him we need to ramp up because he was in charge of supplies, among other things.

            Face it, Trump screwed up big time. Only now his daddy can’t bail him out. He can’t threaten the weather service for challenging his phony hurricane warnings. He can’t ignore North Korea. He can’t lie about who pays the tariffs.

            This is his test, and his alone. Unfortunately for us, he failed “hugely”.

            And now he is gaslighting us.

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          2. And had Trump ignored his expert and acted on a hunch that it might be worse than he was being told, you’s be just as critical of him for that.

            What, exactly, do you thin Trump should have done, with the information available to him at the time, not in hindsight, that would have made a material difference?


          3. Ramp up supplies in January. Make sure we could do the testing or whatever else the other countries were doing, including China.

            Check into what Obama left us. He should have done that years ago, but he was busy lying about crowd sizes.

            Telling us the truth would have been a nice touch.

            In other words, prepare. No need to shut down the economy then. But also show that we know what we are doing rather than waiting for the last minute panic buying, demanding, threatening and blaming.

            Those are “no brainers”.

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          4. When Grogan speaks on political organization, he should listen.

            When Azar speaks on the capabilities of the pharmaceutical industry, he should listen.

            When Navarro speaks on econmic impacts, he should listen.

            But none of them are epidemiologists. When that is the topic, he should listen to Fauci, fact checked by epidemiologists outside of government.


          5. It appears, that based on his own comments, Trump listens to the metrics in his head and his gut. He doesn’t pay attention to anything for more that 30 seconds unless it has to do with campaigning.

            He was elected to lead this country. The majority of his time has been spent on working hard for undeserved (IMO) reelection and spending a whole lot of taxpayers dollars, being paid to his own properties, to play golf and host parties.

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      2. “ Influenza is the most likely pathogen to cause a severe pandemic. EP analysis indicates that in any given year, a 1 percent probability exists of an influenza pandemic that causes nearly 6 million pneumonia and influenza deaths or more globally.”

        Is that the 1% you keep touting?

        If so, then Paul is right. You are spinning lies and fabricating numbers.

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        1. @Len

          That IS the 1% probability that he is spitting out. The link is to a general informational book written in 2017. The book has nothing to do with THIS pandemic.

          This is how the right wing “mind” works. The NIH once said that the probability of a pandemic is low. Dr. Fauci is connected to the NIH. Therefore Dr. Fauci told the President the probability of THIS pandemic is low. One of these “conservatives” asserted that Fauci’s motive is to cover his ass because the NIH prediction was wrong. You cannot make this stuff up.

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    3. It is true that Fauci has said that Trump did have meetings with him and that Trump followed his advice. What is missing is the immediacy or lack thereof.

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      1. Not sure what you mean.

        As of Feb 28, Fauci was saying publicly that the virus was not a serious threat to the people of the US, Within 2 weeks it became clear that advice was mistaken, and Trump changed policy accordingly. First attempting containment, and later moving to mitigation, as the best professional advice evolved.

        So, what immediacy are you concerned over?

        If we could read the newspapers 2 weeks in the future, we’d do really well in the stock market, but we can’t.


      2. RE: “Within 2 weeks it became clear that advice was mistaken…”

        You make a good point, but it might be more accurate to say that within 2 weeks public fears began to escalate, driven in large part by irresponsible media. Even now, solid data is beginning to show that Covid-19 may have been a low-risk disease all along, meaning moderate-to-low severity coupled with low probablility of symptoms after infection. Dr. Fauci may have been correct when he wrote in JAMA (in February) that Covid-19 looks like it will be no worse than a typical annual flu outbreak.

        My grandfather (strong as a horse) died of pneumonia brought on by a common cold at age 83, so I don’t mean to suggest that Covid-19 is trivial in any way. I just mean to emphasize that all along the media has been telling one story, whereas the science has been telling another.


          1. Some fraction of the media was telling a horror story that in hindsight turned out to be correct.

            That should not be confused with the best scientific advice to be had in real time.

            There is always a chance that Alex Jones will be proven right and that the Chinese are infiltrating the US through Area 51, but we don’t want the President making policy based on that possibility.


          2. The media turned out to be right on all counts.

            That was no accident.

            And they had the same information that Trump had access to if he had paid attention and been honest with his fellow citizens.

            Sorry, Don, but the “fake news” was the administration and Trump.

            Of course that is standard operating procedure…to confuse Americans.

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          3. @Tabor

            “Some fraction of the media was telling a horror story that in hindsight turned out to be correct.”

            That was a very large “fraction” of actual news organizations.

            And the remaining “fraction” acted as the propaganda arm of the Trump administration doing its best to spread the disinformation that he spewed. Deadly disinformation LONG after there was any valid reason to minimize the threat.

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  2. You people are insane. Even Fauci told the nation the other night to STOP pointing fingers, that the overall situation is complicated. This is a difficult ever changing situation that is difficult to manage to include jobs and the economy. Trump has done just fine.


    1. @Bobr

      “Trump has done just fine.”

      Tell that to the families of the 28,000 people who have died in the last four weeks. Meanwhile in South Korea where most people live in crowded cities and who had the first cases at the same time we did only 225 people have died. Our results so far – about 125x worse.

      Meanwhile, because the pandemic has been handled so badly, the economy is in free fall.

      One has to wonder . . . What would failure look like to these Trump enthusiasts?

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      1. Typical left wing hyperbole. They did a little better with outcomes but their death rate of confirmed cases is .021 and ours is .05. Why theirs is a little better is worth looking into though.


        1. @Bobr

          A little better?

          At this moment we have 30,998 deaths. They have 229.
          At this moment our death rate is 4.7%. Theirs is 2.2%

          Our death rate will only get worse.
          We have 600,000 cases still pending an outcome. They have about 3,000.
          I will grant you that their lower death rates may well be due to the fact that they are testing far more effectively than we are rather than any failure of care for the sick.

          There is no “left wing hyperbole” in these facts. They have shown us what success against the virus looks like. We are showing what failure looks like.


  3. So Paul, what you are saying is you think the Director of NIAID who is one of the most trusted medical professionals in the US since 1984 is a complete failure? Who would have thought?


      1. Last time I checked, Fauci’ s advise to the president and the nation was followed. So you think Fauci is incompetent, right?


        1. @Bobr

          There is not much evidence that Fauci guided Trump’s failed policy of lies and indifference. Early on and under pressure of losing his job Fauci made a few public statement soft peddling the danger. He is widely quoted by “conservatives” as having said that social distancing was not necessary. What they all leave out is that he qualified that by saying “until there is evidence of community spread” where you live. That evidence was everywhere in February. Trump continued to do almost nothing until weeks into March.

          If you had paid attention you would have seen Fauci say one thing, followed by Trump grabbing the mike to contradict him. More than once.

          Your beliefs about Fauci show how good Trump is at shifting the blame to others. You probably think the WHO is a Chinese organization? Trump has no use for Truman’s aphorism – The Buck Stops Here.


  4. So Paul, not only do you think Fauci is incompetent but you say he is a liar as well. Not only did he say on national TV Feb 29 that personal protective measures were unnecessary at the time, he also later said that Trump had followed all of his advice when responding to questions about why PPM were not started earlier. I was watching and he said to STOP pointing fingers too. I know, lefties can’t help themselves, they have been infected with that virus a long time.


    1. @BobR

      If you are too naive to understand what Dr. Fauci has to do and say to stay involved with this crisis, then I cannot help you. Trump takes ANYONE telling the truth that he does not want told to be disloyal. He has already fired a shot across Fauci’s bow by retweeting calls for him to be fired.

      I have seen that Feb 29th interview. You are distorting it as Trump has done. He was not talking about PPEs. He was talking about social distancing which he said people did not need to do UNTIL there was evidence of community transmission where they were.

      “You’ve got to watch out because although the risk is low now, you don’t need to change anything you’re doing. When you start to see community spread, this could change and force you to become much more attentive to doing things that would protect you from spread.” – A. Fauci

      In other words Bob, You have been duped yet again by the lying liar in the White House.


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