23 thoughts on “It is not Trump’s money, nor his bill. So why his name on the checks?

  1. Yes, that is true; it ain’t his money. There is a wonderful old saying about something that fits ‘djt’ to a ‘T’:

    “Fools’ names and fools’ faces, often seen in public places.”

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  2. Who says the IRS doesn’t have a sense of humor?

    It might occur to the grouches that having the president’s name on the memo line of those checks is a feature you can read two different ways. I’m all for it!


  3. The emergency stimulus bill – for which a key mover was Speaker Pelosi – passed the Senate 99-0. And yet, not a single Democrat was included in the signing ceremony photo op. Now he prints his name on the checks. What a cowardly and petty piece of shit! Seems he is afraid to be in the same room with Nancy Pelosi.

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    1. @Tabor

      You have got to be kidding? There is a bottomless pit of Trump’s abhorrent behavior that any actually decent and patriotic person would be upset to see on display in our nation’s highest office.

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      1. How is your life affected by whether Trump’s name is on a government check? That candidates you support may have better social skills, but their policies will destroy my rights and my grandchildren’s future. That’s the kind of thing to get upset about, not personal failures like vanity.


        1. When the vanity is more destructive than anything ANY politician on the left proposes, you may want to consider what you should be upset about.

          And it is not about Trump’s name on a check. It is about the message it sends. “It is all about ME. I am the country. Anything bad that happens is someone else’s fault. Anything some one else does that is good I did it.”

          With great authority comes great responsibility. He attempts to usurp the authority he is granted and takes no responsibility for his actions. THAT is the bottom line. It’s not about social skills our vanity. It is about doing what is right for this country, not because it is beneficial to him, but because it is the right thing to do for the people of this country.


        2. @Tabor

          My life will not be directly affected by Trump’s name on checks. That is not how I measure his behavior. In this case that bit of personal vanity/ free campaign boost is symptomatic of the sick personality that is dragging this country down every single day.

          As for your belief that progressive policies are destroying your grandchildren’s future it is the diametric opposite of the truth. We are trying to save the future from dystopia. The days of devil-take-the-hindmost social Darwinist capitalism are over. The urgent need for a radical restructuring of how our economy works has been made painfully obvious to all but those who choose blindness. Twice in recent memory that system has collapsed and needed resuscitation by government. Multi-trillion dollar bailouts need to be replaced by a system that works for everyone. The time for UBI, universal access to higher education, and Medicare-for-all has arrived.

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          1. @Tabor

            I am not describing socialism, you ninny. I am describing capitalism that works and does not collapse every decade or so.

            In a civilized country no one is denied food, shelter, clothing or vital medical care. We provide those things to everyone – more or less – but do it very inefficiently. That needs to change. We can save money and almost everyone will enjoy MORE liberty than they enjoy now.

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    2. You nailed that. I am finding it harder and harder to even read a lot of these ultra biased quibbles over nothing but how they percieve everything in a warped fashion. That’s ok though, I suspect a few won’t make it to Nov if they keep it up.


      1. @Bobr

        The simple reality that you choose to be blind to is that the experiment of putting a self-serving, racist, egregiously dishonest con man in the White House has failed miserably. From Day One right through today’s gross mismanagement of the most serious crisis in decades.

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          1. Considering Trump’s abysmal business history, you might consider checking to make sure.

            Just sayin’.


  4. So Len, I thought you said it wasn’t his money. So why would his multi-billion dollar business record have any influence.


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