4 thoughts on “Essential business.

  1. And, that guy won a governor’s race. Amazing!
    Seems to me like there is a whole bunch of GOP nit-wits, besides ‘djt’, making more than minor stupid decisions that are going to end up killing Americans.

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  2. DeSantis did not order a lockdown at all until April 1. Spring Break and other festivals in the first half of March got an effective “blessing” from the Statehouse.

    Some folks blamed the youth. But why? The gov said enjoy, party on.

    Now Florida is becoming a serious problem.

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  3. Questions of taste in entertainment notwithstanding, producing entertainment people can watch at home is a useful employment.

    Having just endured 24 hrs with no TV and limited Internet, boredom makes isolation worse.

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    1. That is why TikTock has exploded online. And I suspect that Quibi is going to follow suit. (Just a couple of suggestions for you the next time Cox or whoever lets you down for 24 hours) And you can access them on your phone.


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