Government action saves thousands – In New Zealand.

Further evidence that what we are going through did not have to be this bad. Based on science – not politics – the government of New Zealand took drastic and economically painful measures sooner, rather than later. The results speak for themselves.

6 thoughts on “Government action saves thousands – In New Zealand.

  1. They also confiscated guns after the mosque shooting there last year. You know damned well that ain’t gonna happen here. Guns and booze are essential. Abortions, not so much, on the medical front.

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    1. @Tabor

      “I do not like New Zealand for a number of reasons.”

      Gun control, of course. And . . .

      A strong female leader?
      Single payer healthcare?
      Secure pensions?
      Affordable higher education?
      The only white colonials to make a real peace with indigenous people?
      Strict environmental protections?

      BTW, if purchased through Amazon a subscription to WAPO on line is only $30/year quite often. You might learn something or you could consider it Opposition Research.

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    2. Dr. Tabor, I hope this finds you well. I could access the site without paying. Try clearing your browser history. Sometimes newspaper sites use tracking cookies to limit access after a certain number of visits. Clear the history/cookies and sometimes the number of visits reset to zero.

      I’m with you. We are not New Zealand and some of the methods they used would not be accepted in this country. But I don’t dislike the country. Actually I hope to someday visit there while on my way to Australia.


      1. @nivlac531

        I was fortunate enough to visit New Zealand a few years back. Get there if you can, you will not regret it. I met several Australian tourists who were pretty clear that nothing in Australia can match the natural beauty of NZ.

        If you like the out-of-doors then look into the Milford Track. It is a four day walk through some of the most beautiful scenery on earth. Only a trail. No roads. No development. There is a cheap way to do it with bunk houses at the end of each day’s walk (that’s what we did) or the fancy way with rustic hotels at the end of each day (maybe next time). Both require making reservations far in advance – maybe even a year or more.



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