That was quick

It is a known fact that Mr. Trump has a “thing” for Inspectors General who do the right thing.

The cynic in me says Fine found something fishy already and sent it up, so Trump dumped him back from whence he came. (He still has a job, but…)

The political junkie in me wants to send Chuck Schumer a message: If you approve of someone Trump appoints, scream about how bad an appointment it is. “Glenn Fine has a good reputation as a tough federal prosecutor and former [Department of Justice] Inspector General, and must exercise his full oversight authority to ensure that the Trump administration implements the CARES Act as intended,” Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said in a statement last week.

2 thoughts on “That was quick

  1. You can bet the HHS IG is toast. Christi Grimm dared to issue a report from interviews at 300 hospitals that supplies were short and testing was slow.

    When asked about that report, Trump lashed out at the reporter and demanded to know who the IG was.

    He said the IG was politically motivated. She served four presidents including Trump.

    I think Trump is losing it. I hope somebody is keeping an eye on him in case he has a breakdown and does something seriously damaging.


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    1. I figured she would have been gone first.

      And G-d forbid, a reporter asks a question without first kissing the … ring.

      …”does something seriously damaging.” You left out one word: ELSE.

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