A behind the scenes industry that is suffering.


The story is about European restaurant suppliers and their virtual total loss of business.

Some are giving it away, some are re-shipping to the Mideast, some are trying to enter the retail pipeline but all are in dire straits.

With fresh produce, some of it is specific for high end restaurants and a bit rare or exotic, there is a very short window before spoilage. Trying to divert to already established retail stores is not easy.

I got the impression this has not hit our shores yet. But with restaurants and pubs closing or offering takeout only, it is a matter of time.

BTW, many local restaurants in Freemason, Downtown and Colley Ave. are doing curbside takeouts. This includes some higher end places like 456 Fish, Le Grand, etc. treat your spouse to a nice “night in” with fancy food and wine. FYI plastic is often required since cash is just an incubator apparently.

Norfolk has suspended parking meter charges for up to an hour for takeout pickups in case you have to go to the restaurant itself.

5 thoughts on “A behind the scenes industry that is suffering.

  1. My son stopped by his regular watering hole, after confirming that there were less than 10 people present. While there, they were giving away all perishable food items, mostly to the staff, as they would be closed for the weekend and they did not want to just toss it. My son, being enterprising, came home with two small bags of jello shooters. And he double tipped the bartender who has become a friend.


        1. Sorry, this self quarantining plus my (soon to end) driving restriction from hip surgery is affecting my brain.

          Yet, those who know me said they notice nothing different.

          I wonder what they mean by that?

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          1. You’re really not missing too much. Empty shelves, 10 person limits at bars and restaurants. BUT the good news is once you can get back in “the swing” of things, the golf courses are open.


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