The faces of mass murder?

Anybody who doubts the headline is not paying attention. We are eight weeks behind the curve because of the President and his supporters like these. That translates into massive extra deaths. Yesterday, almost 1,000 people died in Italy from this virus. ONE day. That is the price they are paying for their slow reaction. We are subject to the same laws of nature and are about where they were two weeks ago.

If there was any doubt about the role Fox News plays as the damaging propaganda arm of the Trump GOP, please note the short time between minimizing the threat – as Trump had been doing – to telling the truth about the mortal danger we face. From one day to the next. About the time that Trump decided that playing a “wartime President” on TV was his last hope for political survival.

27 thoughts on “The faces of mass murder?

  1. Really? What, specifically, could have been done 8 weeks earlier, based on the information available at the time.

    Or are you saying that had we done the same as the Europeans, we could be 8 weeks further into being a bigger Italy?

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    1. 8 weeks is a lot of time. The video is kind of damning in that up until a week or so ago, the FOX network was telling people that the virus is no big deal. The rest of MSM was raising warning bells.

      And now we know the truth. I am not sure how those FOX pundits can sleep at night. Honestly. A few weeks ago either MSM (except FOX) or FOX was lying or misrepresenting the facts as we knew them. Now we know is was obviously FOX.

      Don’t you think it is important to get that message out ASAP so that perhaps they won’t just rely on FOX, which millions do?

      I just posted an update on masks. Just the N95 masks, not ventilators, gowns, gloves, testing gear, etc.

      Just masks.

      No sermons, just the facts of not having enough yet. Ramps ups are occurring and it seem it might take weeks or months to get that up to speed.

      Well, 8 weeks is two months.

      If the administration, Trump really, had not insisted that it knew a pandemic was coming in early January, I would be more inclined to let it lie. But to admit such and not even start ramping up, even quietly so as not to cause panic, is inexcusable.

      I think Americans need to know the truth. I am not sure they are getting it.


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      1. The question of “what was known at the time” has been obfuscated to the point where the cult can use it as a defense of inaction.

        That aside, the actual “actions” taken were mis-messaged and horribly uncoordinated.

        Even now we have the incoherence of individual States obtaining medical supplies which will OBVIOUSLY lead to an inefficient allocation to the most needful areas.


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          1. @Tabor
            Well, a lot of us have been saying for some time is that Trump is a piss poor manager who could not even make money running a casino. If this story about these failings is true then it is HIS failing. The buck stops on his desk. He has had control of these agencies for more than three years now.

            Since there are areas of the country where the virus has more thoroughly taken root it does not make sense for the states to be competing with each other for scarce resources. It should be coordinated from the top to get the available materials to where they are most sorely needed and will save the most lives.

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          2. Did not see THAT coming. Communism is a fatally flawed system of Government.

            I don’t think the coordination of the obtaining and allocating of medical supplies is gonna get us there any time soon.

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          3. But they were central planners, who could enforce their decisions with the death penalty, yet in the last years of Soviet rule, the Russians would have starved were they not saved by the black market.


      2. RE: “[U]p until a week or so ago, the FOX network was telling people that the virus is no big deal.”

        That’s a damnable lie, and you should be ashamed of yourself for adding to the climate of hysteria by repeating it.

        If you actually watched Fox, you might know that back in early February, Tucker Carlson, for one, was reporting on the outbreak in Wuhan, and warning that Trump’s travel restrictions on China were being violated, posing grave risk to the U.S. Doctors have been on all the prime time shows consistently for the last two months educating the public with exactly the same information CDC’s Anthony Fauci has been giving out.

        In the disgusting video Mr. Murphy provides, the statements made by Fox personnel eight weeks ago are all true: Coronavirus is, in fact, not nearly as deadly as the flu. What makes it different is the infection rate, because coronavirus transmits from person to person more readily.

        Meanwhile, CNN and MSNBC have been using every coronavirus discussion as an opportunity to disparage the administration. I’m no champion of Fox, but switching channels at commercial makes it easy to notice the level of destructive bias on the “liberal” shows.


        1. Really. So those quotes just a few days from Trump’s epiphany about the virus were not what they said?

          Sure a couple of cooler heads popped up now and again but the thugs like Hannity, Ingraham, kept up their hate filled diatribes like good little boys and girls in the queen bee gang of this schoolyard.

          Or do you deny that too?

          Those disgusting videos were not 8 weeks ago. They were around March 6-8. Read the time stamps. That was the point. The liars were still in full attack mode until finally Trump said we had a serious pandemic.

          Perhaps other stations were critical of the administration. Well, it turns out they were right and FOX’s shameless, treasonous, despicable mouthpiece pundits were attacking them. And to do so as documented up until March 13 is an outrage. Indefensible.

          So your point is?

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        2. @Roberts

          RE: “Coronavirus is, in fact, not nearly as deadly as the flu”

          Thanks for providing evidence – though none is needed – of how effective Trump and Fox lies are at filling heads with misinformation. With that bogus information planted in their heads by lying liars, it is no wonder that it is difficult to get people to take social distancing seriously. And THAT will cost a lot of lives before we are through. The people who spread such lies are mass murderers.

          Here are the actual facts. Although the flu kills a lot of people each year, that is because a lot of people come down with it. The overall death rate from the seasonal flu is approximately 0.1%. The information so far is that the death rate from Covid-19 is AT LEAST 20x higher. Maybe as high as 40x. And, because it attacks the lungs more fiercely than the flu, Covid-19 is very deadly for older people and those with compromised lungs.

          The big picture that finally woke Trump up was the British epidemiological model that predicted as many as 2.5 million deaths in the USA. When has the seasonal flu ever done anything like that? And yet, there you are with your face hanging out spouting nonsense like . . .

          “Coronavirus is, in fact, not nearly as deadly as the flu”

          Good grief, man.

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        3. Carlson was the ONLY Fox talking head who aid BEFORE Trump did, that it is a bigger issue than what Trump was saying. The rest were pandering to Trump by perpetuating what Trump was saying instead of questioning it.

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          1. There are reports that – to his credit – Tucker Carlson tried early on (January) to personally convince Trump of the serious threat. For whatever reason, he failed to change Trump’s rhetoric or actions.

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    2. @Tabor

      What, specifically . . .

      Well, eight weeks of NOT lying about the seriousness of the threat would have been great. We still have many millions of people who think it is some sort of “hoax” or some sort of Trump-bashing exaggeration. Such thoughts lead to deadly behavior.

      More concretely, we should have started the urgent acquisition of N95 masks, ventilators, PPEs etc. two months sooner. And before you start repeating Trump’s nonsense about what Obama should have done I remind you that money is spent by Congress which was controlled by the GOP back then and that Trump has been the man in charge of all of this for over three years now.

      With regard to Italy. I suppose you are trying to be funny, but Italy was clearly offered as an example of what will happen because action was delayed. Or maybe this sentence was too hard for you . . .

      “That is the price they are paying for their slow reaction.”

      Seems pretty clear to me.

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      1. Yes, Italy was a slow reaction. The US faced the same exposure and reacted immediately, which is why we don’t have the death toll they do.

        It is only two months ago that Chinese hospital workers documented human to human transmission, in a local outbreak.

        Are you saying that Trump should have launched an Apollo mission type response to a previously unknown virus at that time confined to China? Because that kind of warning happens several times a year and most come to nothing.


        1. @Tabor

          Uh, Yes. He should have. The threat was VERY credible. So credible that GOP Senators who saw the evidence in January started dumping their stocks.

          At the very least there should have been an in depth review of critical matters like the supply of equipment needed and test capabilities. We and South Korea had the same warnings and had the first cases at about the same time. They have got it just about contained through testing and quarantines. We don’t. They took it seriously sooner. We took it seriously later. We STILL cannot test people as needed and that is ESSENTIAL for containing the outbreak.

          And again you do not seem to want to address that . . . Six to eight weeks of Presidential and Fox News lying about the severity of the threat was dangerous and deadly.

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          1. Nope, those stock sales took place in February.

            The testing mess is true, but it was a bureaucratic failure. More evidence that the private sector serves us better than government. However, you overestimate the value of testing. Testing does not work reliably until symptoms are present at which time the patient has been spreading the virus for about a week.

            If we wait for testing we are using information a week or more old, we can only track it is real time using presumptive diagnosis which is really about as accurate as the tests anyway.


          2. Loeffler attended the closed door Senate and administration meeting on January 24 and sold her stocks the same day. Burr waited a week or so, but meanwhile notified donors.

            That meeting was 2 months ago. China told WHO about its epidemic in December. You don’t think our intelligence folks knew at least then.

            I just don’t get this denial that a prudent administration would at least have addressed the issue internally since we’ve had past epidemics from the same region.

            And we know now that 8 weeks is critical. And Trump has bragged that he knew all along. That is criminal. Why did he bullshit us? And why did he spit venom at those who were trying hard to raise the alarm?

            Why indeed.

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          3. @Tabor

            January is not February.

            Are you not a tiny bit embarrassed to have your fibs exposed? Do you really have to defend your ideas with fibs?

            Trump has now claimed that he knew it was a dangerous pandemic long before everybody. How do you justify the indifference and inaction if that is true? Or do you just assume he is lying when he makes that claim? Or joking?

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          4. @Tabor

            I will stipulate that a well-run company is better at doing things than a badly run government.

            Maybe you can get it through your head that this “bureaucratic failure” is Trump’s failure? Or not. But if he a spent a fraction of the time he spends golfing, tweeting and watching Fox News on doing his job maybe the government would have gotten on top of this situation. Other GOVERNMENTS have had much better success.

            So, according to you, testing is only marginally important? As a matter of fact epidemiologists say that it is vitally important. Your “scientific” opinion would not be colored by the fact that Trump has not only failed to get effective testing organized but has repeatedly lied about it as well? Funny, if it is so marginal that other countries have used it with great success in corralling the virus.

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