16 thoughts on “Failure at the top IS a political issue. THAT is how democracy is supposed to work.

    1. 7 months these days is a loooong time, but I agree that he could and probably should not point out the obvious screw-ups, lies and distortions that even trump supporters are beginning to see….

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    2. Spike a bee’s nest?

      You mean by offering valid evidence-based criticism of the leadership and character of his opponent?

      IMHO, ANYBODY who is offended by someone telling the God’s honest truth about the character and the failed Presidency of Donald Trump is somebody who will never see the light. So why try to coddle the delicate feelings of such people? It will be more important for Biden to show the majority of us that he has some fire in his belly and that like most decent people he is “as mad as Hell and isn’t going to take it anymore.”


        1. @Jim
          Your characterization of this political ad seemed to me to be worthy of a challenge. But, if I misunderstood your metaphor I would be happy to have it clarified.


      1. That is funny, used to be that Joe would be a bit “right” of Reagan by actual Conservative standards.

        Bobr keeps telling me to smoke another doobie; maybe he should stop with whatever he’s lighting up….

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      1. Doing great, thank you. I usually have better things to do than quibble over nonsense like….work…Jeopardy…Family Feud. Fishing awaits…you?

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        1. Got a brand new hip a few weeks ago. Walking like I haven’t in years. Can’t wait to hit the links this summer. About the only safe sport there is.

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