This man thinks you are stupid.

8 thoughts on “This man thinks you are stupid.

  1. “This man thinks you are stupid.“

    Given his viewers he is correct. It’s disgraceful that somewhat smart people will consciously mislead and take advantage of the less capable and easily led among our populous.

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  2. To my knowledge, he never called the virus a hoax; he called the Democrats’ efforts to use it against him a hoax.

    Of course, that nuance is lost on those who believe he also called white nationalists “good people.”


    1. @jimroberts

      Trump and his lap dog Hannity called the Democrats and responsible media efforts to point out the seriousness of the looming threat a hoax. It wasn’t. It was the truth that sorely needed to be told. THAT “hoax” claim was a dangerous lie that will end up costing many people their lives.

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    2. @Jim

      “he called the Democrats’ efforts to use it against him a hoax.“

      If you’re gonna parse words like that, you are categorically incorrect. He did NOT call their “efforts” to use “it” a hoax. Period.

      PS: You need to look up the definition of the word “nuance”…..

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  3. So? What he said in both cases was true at the time they were said. .

    He has said from the beginning that the virus was real, and that the USE OF THE CRISIS was a continuation of the ongoing hoax of Russia, Ukraine, yada yada.

    Hannity is on TV 5 hours a week and radio 15 hours a week, you can pull 19 second cuts from that much recording and make it sound like anything.


    1. It appears you are accusing Paul of doctoring the videos or using them out of context. Not very civil, but if that is what you want to believe….

      The accusation of using the crisis as a hoax, that is unreal. It was Trump trying to deflect the truth from his loyal followers. Trump downplayed it over and over until he and his administration got overwhelmed by the facts they were ignoring and others were telling the rest of us to pay attention to.

      The fact is Hannity made both of those comments on the dates indicated. He did not change HIS message to his followers until Trump changed his. Do you see the parallels? Probably not because you went to such lengths to try and defend Trump… AGAIN!

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    2. Defending trump is a full-time job, if you’re gonna roll in Hannity your loved ones will NEVER see you.

      There is zero need to cherry pick or take out of context Hannity’s bloviating.

      As I stated, he is making a (good) living off of the gullibility of the easily led and want-it-to-be-true cult…

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