Finally, some good news out of California.

If only I were there. Or better yet, if only the General Assembly would fully decriminalize marijuana.

7 thoughts on “Finally, some good news out of California.

    1. WJAFM, the governors order specifically excepted “life-sustaining” businesses. I’m a little concerned for my daughter and her significant other. Fortunately, their local bar is open still on a “take-out only” basis. She has this really expensive “growler” that keeps beer fresh for like a week. Her first major purchase in college.

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    2. And they are state run just like here. Or they used to be when I was still going back there regularly. I hope Northam doesn’t find out and follow suit. Or if he does, gives us ample warning to be able to stock up.


  1. Did you catch the article last week from the “Just Say No” crowd that indicated marijuana users would certainly die if infected by COVID-19?

    It was one of the featured stories on Google News. Read the whole thing until I reached where the author quoted the scientists and doctors that the research was based on the numbers coming out of China. BLINK, BLINK. Yeah, ’cause so many people in China smoke pot.

    Literally in the time it took to read the article to that point, it disappeared from the Google News site.

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