Package #3

Good update on what has been done and what is potentially coming from the Federal government.

Anthony Scaramucci was on CNN the other night and I happened to flip to it while he was saying, that based on what he has studied, it it going to take in the range of $3 TRILLION total. Seemed astronomical at first hearing, but when you consider the debt as gone up one-third of that recently, it doesn’t seem so much in the grand scheme of things.

Not sure if “The Mooch” is right, but it was an interesting listen. Wish I could find the clip from Don Lemon’s 10pm show on, I think, Monday.

One thought on “Package #3

  1. Here is The Hill’s report on what McConnell is putting in the proposal.

    Important to note is what Chuck Schumer says, “Schumer added on Thursday that he is “eager” to negotiate with McConnell, but stressed that American workers should be the primary beneficiaries of the legislation.

    “We are ready and eager to look at what Republicans have put together and to work with them, but we believe that whatever proposal emerges — and it will be bipartisan — that it must be a workers-first proposal,” he said.”

    Personally, my economic situation is protected (Military retirement and VA Disability).

    My children, on the other hand, are concerned about what is going to happen. Neither one is in position to be laid off (Daughter – HS teacher, Son – Director position), but the overall economic uncertainty could have greater effect on them. My son-in-law, on the other hand is a local delivery driver. His situation is a bit more tenuous. And as they are looking to move to a new neighborhood, any thing that happens to his income would put that to a halt. Not sure if the proposal will help them with that aspect of life, but it will help buffer them against any job loss.


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