Why Mitch? Why?


Apparently, McConnell’s feeling got hurt because Pelosi negotiated the last deal with Mnuchin and felt left out. Now, he isn’t including the Democrats in the Senate in coming up with the next deal. Why not work with Schumer and the Democratic leadership to craft a BIPARTISAN Senate plan?

Common sense tells me that if you include the opposite side in the negotiations right up front, it will actually take less time and COULD get through the House quicker as well.

It is a crisis and it is McConnell who is playing political parlor games.

16 thoughts on “Why Mitch? Why?

  1. I’m no fan of Schumer, but I’d agree that the McConnell/GOP political maneuvering will delay a process that needs to be expedited.

    Not that Moscow Mitch really gives a shit…

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  2. Mitch is the consummate politician first, American second.

    It is important to him to look leader-like even though Pelosi worked directly with the regime, which is crucial since the Senate won’t pass gas without approval from it.

    “Remember folks, my bill saved Americans, your esteemed buddy, Mitch.”

    One would have hoped that since the Coronavirus virus is truly a bipartisan bug, a bipartisan bill could come out of Congress.

    Nah. Business as usual.

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    1. Well I believe he just agreed to the House bill.

      Please recall that the House bill was arrived at with much communication and negotiation between Pelosi and Mnuchin.

      What was the “lard” BTW?

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          1. According to the story the “Christmas tree ornaments” were money for use in other countries, Medicare tele-health expansion and stockpiling of PPE.

            Money for other countries is beneficial to this country, just like any other foreign aid programs that have been in place for decades.

            Expansion of tele-health an “ornament”? If you can “see” your doctor that way and avoid going out, how is that NOT helpful in a situation where Medicare recepients are in the category of most vulnerable to this virus?

            Stockpiling of PPE? Good idea. Not having a plan in place to distribute? Bad part of it, but no real reason to vote no on the package. That could be fixed through other technical bills to provide further guidance once the PPE is available. (I mentioned the idea of a “strategic reserve” of PPE, similar to the strategic oil reserves, like that needed to day on another thread yesterday.

            Political parlor games played by a few because they knew the bill was going to pass regardless. These 2 can go back to their districts now and tell them they voted against Pelosi 100% of the time. It will be a selling point that, if voters really think about it, could be endangering to their health.


          2. “ Buck’s office later told Fox News that his objections to the bill include not only the overall cost, but aspects including $1.25 billion that is marked for use in other countries, as well as $500 million in Medicare telehealth funding. His office also said that the bill outlines funding to stockpile masks, gloves and other things with no plan to make sure they get distributed to medical professionals instead of being stored up in a warehouse.”

            I wonder what he says now. Trump touted the Medicare telehealth expansion two days ago. And now we are ready to drop Trillion or more into the hands of individuals and businesses. Probably not much choice. But I have to wonder about his “lard” definition today.

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    2. So only Republicans can do it right, Don? Seriously. Talk about politicizing things.

      McConnell got his butt kicked by Pelosi because he didn’t get involved in the negotiations between the House and the administration. His widdle feelings got hurt and now he is pouting and throwing a little tantrum by shutting out the Democrats in the Senate. He’s gonna need some of those Democrats to get anything passed in this instance. There aren’t 60 Trumpist…I mean GOP senators to pass whatever he comes up with. Compromise and negotiate first. Take credit later,

      Leadership, Kentucky style, at its finest.


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