Trump: I knew it was a pandemic all along.

yeah just another load of bullshit from der trumpenfurher

12 thoughts on “Trump: I knew it was a pandemic all along.

  1. Why would he say that?

    All his tweets and quotes and insults were unambiguous that this pandemic was nothing, few cases, not a problem, a political ploy against him, fake news, etc.

    Either he thinks Americans are clueless or his plan was to dive in as the hero when things heated up. Neither option is very good.

    “Please Mr. President, try to be straight with us. You were actually doing rather well for 24 hours or so.
    America is depending on good leadership and truthful assessments.
    Thank you. “

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      1. I am of the theory that you should dance with the one you came with. The blush was off the rose a long time ago. The Regime is finally accepting reality, albeit late, but it needs to do its job which is to help states and cities through this crisis with a level only the Fed can do because of cost and scale.

        Just stop with the BS, please.

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