First vaccine tests on volunteers.

Some good news for a change.

Also Pfizer joins German company for joint US-German effort using research underway since 2018.

But it still seems to be a year out.

I keep thinking that if we had listened to Bill Gates about a “war time” ramp up and attitude back in 2015…

Maybe, just maybe we will learn that the enemy is not ourselves but biology.

8 thoughts on “First vaccine tests on volunteers.

  1. Bill Gates is one smart cookie.

    The other thing is supplies. Trump invoked the little known Defense Production Act to ramp up masks and other PPE along with much needed (soon) ventilators. We have a strategic supply of oil. Maybe we should start a strategic supply of PPE for situations like this. Because this will NOT be the last time this happens. (I could include something about the Pandemic Response Team, but I won’t, in the name of civility.)

    There is no way to fast track the testing, but it is good that there is a vaccine in the works and hopefully will be effective. You just can’t rush these things because an ineffective vaccine is as bad as no vaccine at all.


  2. There are suggestions that a 70 year old Malaria drug, chloroquinone, is effective at reducing the severity of the infection, and that it is readily available. Also, some drugs intended for HIV(also a retrovirus) are also reported to be very effective.


    1. Spoken like a real Brit. “Another G&T, Mansab?”
      Sadly, not true, Doc. Those particular off-label uses have proven false. However, there is hope that some other drugs may be effective in reducing the lung inflammation associated with the cause of death in an off-label use.

      If they do find an existing drug they can use, that would cut the testing time by a lot, as well as make the company a lot of money.

      Nevertheless, I’m increasing my Canada Dry intake despite the risk of increased sugar consumption. Does ABC deliver?

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