Bill Gates in 2015.How to prepare for a pandemic.

This is one of many videos and talks by Bill Gates warning and providing good solutions to defend us here and abroad from just what is happening now.

We did start to implement some of the tactics after Swine Flu 2010.

Don said the other day that this is our Pearl Harbor. And Gates is essentially saying that a military style defense system against our biggest threats is crucial. Will we listen after this?

Important to note that he is not just talking about our national problems. With viruses borders mean nothing. Sources in the weaker nations must be dealt with also. In other words, this is not an American problem. It is a world problem.

3 thoughts on “Bill Gates in 2015.How to prepare for a pandemic.

  1. I can’t help but think that part of the problem regarding pandemic defense is that multi-billion dollar carriers or subs or jets are just sexier. A Congressman or president or DOD official can point to those, show the flag and sing “Anchors Aweigh” for the media.

    Nothing showy about a bunch of microbiologists in a lab finding defenses against a bug.

    Time to listen to the true geniuses. All animals have some form of politics in their organization. A distribution of tasks and power for everyday survival, food, shelter and propagation.

    We have the brains to look forward, defend and adapt quickly.

    We just let politics get in the way sometimes, possibly for the more immediate gratification. Or to get votes to stay in power.


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