Teleprompter Trump vs Twitter Trump

It continues to amaze me the depths of apparent insanity in our President. Last night he calls for unity. This morning he attacks Democrats via Twitter. The schizophrenic whiplash is not healthy for anybody. And it could hurt us all badly in the long run.

Pelosi doesn’t support the payroll tax holiday, but comes up with an actual plan to help those most affected by the current goings on. (See my last post under Mr. Roberts’ post from yesterday concerning the Democratic proposal.) Just because she disagrees with his plan, he lashes out because she supported one when Obama was President. I don’t recall the why of that one, but the idea that …”if you get a paycheck, you’re going to take home more money,” as he tweeted makes no sense. If you are an hourly employee and NOT going to work, you aren’t getting a paycheck so there is no “more money”. There is just NO money.

Is it time to take another look at the 25th Amendment? It’s ludicrous. – IMHO.

And Minority Leader McCarthy says the GOP won’t support the plan from the Majority. He does bring up valid points of the perceived shortcomings and says ““We’ve got some bright minds … let them look at it. Let us get together and put the very best ideas together and I will promise you that you will find a very bipartisan vote for that and not the one that slows it up by any means and I think we can get this done in the next 48 hours,” he said. “I think that we can get this done in 24 or 48 hours — I think it’s critical that we do.”

A valid call for bipartisanship that should absolutely be considered. But I wonder, though, if he is being forthcoming or just trying to delay things and push Trump’s plan, which appears to be a big, fat nothingburger.

7 thoughts on “Teleprompter Trump vs Twitter Trump

  1. “if you have a paycheck you get more money”

    Even if you have a paycheck, you are not spending now because of the virus.

    And, of course, if you don’t…

    Not to mention that stripping the SS/Medicare funds to make Trump happy is bordering on criminal.

    I will put this as kindly as I can: Mr. president, shut your f^%#ing mouth, turn off your f%$#ing tweetstorms and lead, follow or get out of the way.

    With all due respect.

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    1. Biden’s and Sanders’ responses today were more presidential and calming (and accurate) than anything Trump has said or done during this. It is truly pitiful that his supporters believe that the opposition is making this into a political game, when it is Trump who is doing that himself.


  2. Economically Trump has painted the country into a corner. His massive tax cuts for billionaires and the resultant deficit spending at a time of prosperity and full employment was egregious economic malfeasance. Now, when the economy is going to need a stimulus there is much less room for the government to provide it. The already massive deficit is going to soar even if nothing new is done.

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  3. RE: “Is it time to take another look at the 25th Amendment?”

    No, it is time for people with nothing useful to say to stop filling the air with ridiculous and unhelpful Trump bashing.

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    1. It is time for the President to come out of his state of denial, stop lying to We, the people, and, for crying out loud, with as many potential exposures to the virus himself, get freaking tested. Not getting tested alone is a reason to question the man’s sanity.

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  4. October 2017. That’s where the market is. Forget positive GDP this Q. Maybe even for the year.
    Trump does to Trump what he tried to do to Obama. Nothing left but the dept. Wiped himself from history.

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