A look at civility, or lack thereof…


Ms Evans does a nice job of explaining where we are and how we got here.

I made a call for civility here not too long ago, and it appears, with few exceptions, we have gotten better. But her conclusion gives little hope – IMHO. “It may take a new generation to restore common courtesy and decency to American politics once again.” I am reminded of the song “YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFULLY TAUGHT” from South Pacific. If the new generation is being taught by our actions today, the hope is dim. If they are taught to think for themselves and understand the importance of getting along with EVERYONE as best possible, then the level of hope increases.

6 thoughts on “A look at civility, or lack thereof…

  1. I wonder if Trump would meet with Pelosi, et.al. and insult them publicly to their faces.

    I doubt that.

    But tweeting attacks, insults and threats is easy and the base loves it because it makes him look like a fighter.

    I think it makes him look mighty tiny.

    Compromise is a bad word today, according to the opinion.

    If that were the case in 1784, we would never be here today as a nation. Among the most contentious issues was slavery. Yet the final draft allowed slavery primarily because there would have been no Constitution, no United States of America. Tweaks and adjustments came later. And of course war. But we survived that and became an economic powerhouse.

    Good post.

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    1. I’ve come to a conclusion about Trump’s idea of “bipartisan”. The Democrats HAVE to agree with HIM and him alone. He doesn’t have to agree with them. Kind of the way he treats loyalty. Tis a one-way street.

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        1. I don’t see it the same way. Obama reached out at the beginning, had his hand slapped away by McConnell and the GOP and therefore worked his ass off to do what is right for the COUNTRY. The GOP NEVER showed ANY interest in working on a compromise. You don’t need to touch a hot stove more than once to know that it is hot.

          Mr. Trump, while reviled from the beginning, has made little to no effort at working with the Dems. Even when they DID agree on something face-to-face, Mr. Trump backtracked 24 hours later. All Trump wants to do is do what is right for HIMSELF. And contrary to his apparent belief, he is NOT the country.

          Mr. Trump’s concern for oil companies, and the travel related industries trump (meant to do that) what is truly important: We, the People. The payroll tax cut means nada when people living paycheck to paycheck have no paycheck. Pelosi put forth a meaningful plan that WILL benefit those most affected by the virus.

          Trump caters to Wall St., because he apparently thinks the stock markets are the economy. Pelosi and the Democrats are working to protect Main St. In your blind support of all things Trump, you seem to miss that.


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