Why exempt UK from the travel ban?


UK has a lot more cases of Coronavirus per capita than we do, over 400 at last count. The ban is also not applicable to Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria, all of which have a lot of cases already.

Plus any European can fly through UK and come here without restrictions.

I am sure it is pure coincidence that there are 3 major golf resorts in the UK that belong to Trump. So if anyone has any plausible reason for this quirk, it would be nice to hear.

26 thoughts on “Why exempt UK from the travel ban?

  1. RE: “Why exempt UK from the travel ban?”

    Instead of asking and making anti-Trump assumptions, you could have done a little research and shared what you learned. One possibility:

    “The actual given reason can be summed up in one word: Schengen.

    “Schengen, as few people know, is a small town of 5000 people in Luxembourg surrounded by vineyards.

    “But it’s far better known for giving its name to the Schengen Agreement.

    “Enacted in 1985, the agreement effectively turned the EU’s internal borders from physical checkpoints into almost forgotten lines on a map marked merely by a sign on the side of the road.

    “After Schengen was signed, driving from Paris to Madrid was as hassle free as driving from Sydney to Brisbane.

    “Borders can only be reinstated under exceptional circumstances – such as right now when Italy closed itself off from the world.

    “But Britain refused to sign up to the Schengen Agreement.

    “To this day, anyone traveling from, say, Paris to London has to go through traditional passport control and a security checks whether they come by train, plane or on a ferry across the English Channel.

    “Being outside Schengen means the UK can track almost every person that enters the country.”


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    1. You are correct, but that leaves three countries that have lesser capabilities and lots of infections. What about them?

      And what about UK’s infection rates per capita that are many times ours?

      Anyone can fly in from any of those countries without a problem.

      That is why I asked.

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    2. “With the world’s eight highest number of cases – at 1313 and 30 plus deaths – coronavirus is already in America and banning flights from Amsterdam and Frankfurt is not going to change that.”

      So I still say, what is the point of allowing unrestricted travel from UK, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Cyprus. We know why they are out because of Schengen, but why is that a good break point?

      There are a lot of flights in and out of UK to the US daily. And a lot of commerce. Fine, can someone explain that to the Coronvirus.

      I think the travel ban is for show and posturing. Even if his golf resorts are not even in the back of Trump’s mind.

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      1. The Eurozone as a whole is a larger economy than the US. This has long stuck in Trump’s craw because it is a fairly simple X > Y comparison that he can understand. He considers the Eurozone cheating and he is, again, having a temper tantrum and using federal policy to settle a score. Simple as that.

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      2. RE: “I think the travel ban is for show and posturing.”

        Perhaps if you look into it you can find some reason to think so. As it is, it’s an idle speculation.


    3. @Roberts

      “The actual given reason can be summed up in one word: Schengen.”

      Uh, no. That does not answer the question – why was the only country in Europe where Trump has golf resorts not included in this stupid, flailing and counterproductive travel restriction?

      The author sums up the importance of Schengen this way . . . “The hope could be that being outside of Schengen gives the UK an extra layer of officialdom that may root out any European coronavirus carriers before they arrive in America.”

      How lame is that? Hope? We are relying on UK customs agents at Heathrow to screen out carriers? Do travelers in transit even go through customs? I think not. And, of course, it says nothing about the 66 million Brits who are every bit the threat as people from the continent. Or the Americans who have been freely traveling among them an can come home any time they want.

      It simply makes no sense to do it all, let alone in a half-assed way. So Trump!

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      1. RE: “It simply makes no sense to do it all, let alone in a half-assed way.”

        What travel policy would make sense to you?

        My guess is the CDC looked first at banning Travel from Italy, specifically, but quickly realized that restricting travel from the Schengen countries represented a more effective proxy for an Italy-only ban. As long as the CDC defined the approach, I’m not terribly concerned about it.

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          1. @Roberts

            The virus is already here and hiding just about everywhere. The number of known cases is the tip of an iceberg. Our testing has been abysmal. You do not find what you are not looking for. So one or two more carriers arriving from Europe will not make the slightest difference. Trump blew it already. Wasted at least six weeks with his foolishness.

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      2. So, you are asserting that the bureaucrats at the CDC have some sort of financial interests in Trump’s golf courses?

        Or did you think the ban was Trump’s original idea?


        1. “ There will be exemptions for Americans who have undergone appropriate screenings, and these prohibitions will not only apply to the tremendous amount of trade and cargo but various other things as we get approval. Anything coming from Europe to the United States is what we are discussing.”

          D. Trump Address

          Next day, they had to clarify that it was just humans.


          Does anyone know what the hell they are doing? You said CDC came up with this. Cargo too?

          Travelers in Europe were caught by complete surprise, as was Europe.

          Meanwhile Brits, Croats, Cypriots, Romanians, Bulgarians can come and go as they please.

          I saw a description of Democrats as being the Three Stooges marching through a field of garden rakes.

          Wrong, it is this circus of an administration run by a mental invalid that is in that field. Christ. What a friggin disaster.

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          1. RE: “Anything coming from Europe to the United States is what we are discussing.”

            That sounds reasonable. Anything coming from anywhere should be under discussion, and it makes sense for the president to say so.

            Constantly second-guessing the administration is not reasonable, and it makes no sense to behave in public as if nothing the government does can be trusted. In fact, it is irresponsible, as such behavior can only make the situation worse.


          2. Irresponsible?

            I’ll tell you what is irresponsible. The regime has dawdled, futzed around, hemmed and hawed to the point the Congress can’t trust him anymore on a serious issue.

            South Korea has tested at a rate of 20,000 per day. This regime can’t even tell us when and if the tests are coming.

            Don’t lecture me on irresponsible. Those who give credence to Trump are irresponsible. He has had his time at playing president, but now we have a serious problem.

            I have been a critic from day one. And for the most part I have stuck to a little sarcasm, cynicism and the facts as I saw them.

            Now this man is messing with my family’s health and finances. That makes me furious.

            The Democrats have come up with a bill addressing the most pressing issues. The Republicans jack squat. Trump…nothing but lies and now this half assed ban that favors U.K. for some unknown reason.

            And that is my opinion, humble or not.

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          3. RE: “Now this man is messing with my family’s health and finances. That makes me furious.”

            Get a grip, lest your paranoia and fear mongering become contagious. Nothing the president has done or said is causing greater risk to you or your family. Quite the contrary.

            If you need something useful to do, think about the supplies you might need for your household to live comfortably during an in-home quarantine of 14 days or so, then go out and get them.

            A project like this requires careful thought. For example, it is easy and cheap to stock up on spaghetti noodles, but to continue eating them after the third day you will probably want a few things, such as olive oil, garlic salt, red pepper and parsley flakes. Don’t forget the parmesan.

            Just get a grip and don’t bother the rest of us with unnecessary drama.


          4. “ Get a grip, lest your paranoia and fear mongering become contagious.”

            Stuff your high horseshit.

            I made my opinion known and I can guarantee you it was not unreasonable nor paranoid.

            You attack me as fear mongering, just look at the president from day one. And he has 50 million followers attacking everyone not white.

            So skip the lecture. It doesn’t suit you.


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          5. I’m telling you that if Trump comes out later today and says thee grass is pink and the sky is yellow and the sun is purple, JTR will come out and say “Ab-so-freakin’-lutely!”

            Four different statements from a PREPARED speech, had to be explained, walked back or flat out corrected. Yet Mr. trump is on point and ahead of the curve? If it weren’t so sad and scary, it would be vodka out the nose funny.

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        2. @Tabor

          The CDC is very unlikely to have been the architect of this stupid and counter-productive and incomplete travel restriction. This smacks of Trump conferring with Stephen Miller. You know, the same jackass who very likely wrote most of that pathetic teleprompter address with its attacks on the Europeans and its reference to a “foreign virus.”

          But, if you think it had nothing to do with Trump’s business interests, WHY was the UK exempted from this restriction? Give us one rational explanation.

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  2. I stopped trusting my government back in…actually, I don’t think I ever trusted it further than I could spit unless I independently verified hot topics such as this.

    None of us are privy to the background reasoning in this instance, just as we weren’t months back when our government started doing things regarding this virus.

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    1. I think Americans started losing faith in Washington when all the lies about Vietnam started to come out. The sixties was a time of transition and change that strained our national comfort levels with the status quo.

      The “halo” of the “last good war” was getting tarnished.

      Vietnam and civil rights peeled back a scab and things haven’t been the same since..for good and bad.


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      1. Disagree….respectfully.

        Neither the political left (D’s) nor right (R’s) are as pure as the driven snow.

        Each have inescapable histories.


        1. Craig. Len didn’t single out either party. Viet Nam was a bipartisan lie (Kennedy, Johnson Nixon) Civil rights was really the transition period between the ideologies of the 2 parties. – IMHO

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