Stable genius strikes again!

It is impossible to find the lower limit of Trump’s stupidity. Knowing almost nothing on a subject never deters him. He literally does not know when to shut up.

The death rate in question is for those diagnosed with the virus. Cases that are so mild that the victim just toughs it out at home or -OMG – at work without a diagnosis, are not part of the equation. Duh!

16 thoughts on “Stable genius strikes again!

  1. The sad part is that the cult will believe that the WHO and CDC are “fake news” sources and bear the brunt of not doing sensible actions t o mitigate or eliminate the effects of the inevitable viral spread.

    While you can’t fix stupid, you can feel bad for it and hate those who take advantage of it…

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  2. Not to defend Trump, but I read the WHO report as referring to confirmed cases and deaths associated with those. Even Dr. Fauci, the correct choice IMHO, to lead the country’s response even stated he thought the actual rate is closer to 1% because of the potentially high number of unreported cases that don’t end up in death.

    He’s still the “stable genius” we all know and love (where is that damned “sarcasm emoji”?), but if he starts listening to Fauci, we should come out of this ok.

    And for a proper response, we should honestly look at how Northam has been going about it. Calm, reasoned, and scientific. No politics, no finger pointing, no conspiracy theories (That’s for YOU, SEN Cotton), no hyperbole. No need to be corrected by the scientists after every other statement. Just take care of what needs to be taken care of and not be all about ME ME ME.

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    1. Good post, sir.

      Politicians should restrict themselves to cutting the checks competent medical authorities and/or directing “We the People” to those medical sites.

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    2. @Trump

      “Not to defend Trump, but I read the WHO report as referring to confirmed cases and deaths associated with those.”

      As did I. There is no way to count or calculate a percentage that includes cases where the virus is not detected because the victim did not seek medical help either because they did not feel all that bad or they live in the United States and could not afford going for medical help.

      It remains that of the cases confirmed to be instances of Covid-19, the WHO estimates the death rate will be considerably higher than 3%. It is dead wrong and stupid for the President to downplay the virulence of the virus based on numbers that nobody has and cannot know. Complacency = extra deaths.

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    3. If we are going to speculate about the number of unreported cases to establish a mortality rate for coronavirus, then we should do the same for the annual flu if we are comparing apples to apples. Most people I know, myself included, don’t go to a doctor, ER or clinic for a cold or flu symptoms. So let’s just drop the annual flu mortality rate from 1% to .25% or less.

      A gut feeling that still makes coronavirus much deadlier.

      In other words, how does ones decide on the number of “unreported cases”. Lottery? Guesswork? Quantum mechanics? Official 2020 US Congressional Census. Donate to Trump campaign and tell us if you feel sick?

      Now that would increase the numbers. I know I would feel sick if I donated to that liar.

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      1. “mortality rate for coronavirus”

        I fervently hope that numnut’s “hunch” proves correct and the rate goes down as testing becomes prevalent.

        He’ll use it as a “told you so” but I’d take that for the common good….

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  3. A lot of babble over nothing trying to make it into something. It was just an opinion and not an official statement. Panic control is part of his job though. Calm and proper hygiene will get us through most of this.


    1. @BOBR

      ANYTHING the President says in ANY forum is important and carries serious consequences. On almost every subject. He has a duty to be careful and correct – another aspect of being “Presidential” that Trump either does not understand or does not give a rat’s ass about.

      Instead of being Presidential, Trump is kind of like the jackass great uncle who ruins Christmas dinner because he cannot keep his bigoted opinions to himself. You know the type. Most people do.

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