Survey vs Census

So the Trump campaign (and the RNC) is using the word CENSUS on forms that are actually surveys at the same time the ACTUAL Census is about to begin. Sounds like something out of a Russian disinformation campaign.

I have seen the RNC mailers and they also use the word CENSUS, have been for a couple of years. But the timing of these things has to make one wonder.

It took FACEBOOK a minute or two to realize how deceptive the ads could be, but at least they appear to be trying to take them down.

The irony is these ads are on the Trump campaign’s FACEBOOK page. So if supporters fill them out en masse and believe they have already filled out the census, they end up not getting counted on the actual census and there goes the representation and money for those Trump districts.

6 thoughts on “Survey vs Census

  1. Wow!


    Are you kidding me? Our own president deliberately trying to deceive his own citizens…again.

    I have never, ever heard of a political campaign using the word “census” in place of “survey”.

    And doing so during a census year is criminal deceit. It is apparently already against the law if the article is correct about the same tactic the RNC tried 10 years ago.

    I have said many times that Trump holds America, its ideals, its values and it its citizens in contempt.

    This is proof positive.

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  2. Oh gee, this hasn’t happened for ten years, and even then it had been ten years before that.

    Both parties have been doing this as long as I can remember, but seriously, do you think that Trump personally approves every campaign ad that goes out?


    1. Nothing happens without Trump’s approval. Of course it is always some else’s fault if it is bad.

      Both parties have been sending out “Official 2020 US Congressional District Census” notices? Or 2010, or 2000, or 1990?

      The law against it was passed because the RNC did it in 2010. Why break the law as sitting president? I thought the president said he is the “chief law enforcement officer”.

      Sorry, I don’t buy the “everyone does it” excuse.

      Unless you mean all Republicans, then you have a point.

      Taylor campaign got caught in felony voter fraud. NC GOP got caught last year in voter fraud so egregious they had to hold another election.

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      1. “Both parties have been sending out “Official 2020 US Congressional District Census” notices? Or 2010, or 2000, or 1990?”

        I have never seen a Democratic version of what the GOP sends my wife a couple of times per year. Don’s claim about both parties doing it is, in a word, caca de caballo.


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