15 thoughts on “Liz Just Dropped Out

          1. Besides, your choice, Tulsi, said she is staying in until the Convention. She has 1 right now, but who knows how many she’ll end up with. Over/Under is 3. I’ll take the under.


  1. I, for one, am disappointed. She was my first choice and I voted for her on Tuesday.

    I think she could be on the final ticket especially if Joe Biden is the nominee. It would do a lot to unify the party if she is. Bernie, on the other hand, would need to bring in a “moderate” for the same reason.

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  2. She may just stay out of it until after the convention and then go in whole hog on whoever the nominee is.

    You may be right about being on the ticket. BUT 2 east coast “elites”? Not good optics. I’m thinking Klobuchar. I first thought Harris, but the California thing may not go over well in flyover territory. Buttiegieg is also a possibility, but the idea of a woman in the EOB, especially one with Warren’s, Klobuchar’s and Harris’s chops sounds pretty good to me.


    1. I’m thinking whichever candidate (D) is nominated is going to pick a Governor.

      Choosing anyone who dropped out before or during the primaries isn’t politically sensible.


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