9 thoughts on “That didn’t last long.

  1. Apparently the agreement called for a reduction in violence. I guess for some, the definition of peace is “less war”, not “no war”.

    I would venture a guess that the Taliban leader’s stature rose by multiple levels in the world of terror by getting a personal call from the most powerful man in the world.

    Where have we seen this before? It seems like déjà vu all over again (thank you Yogi Berra).

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      1. Charges of unfair and unfounded criticism of the regime are often mere observations of lunacy by the average American.

        Or, “how dare we point out what Trump actually said before his staff and fans have had a chance to provide a translation to the unwashed”.

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      2. If you listened to the original press conference, you would have heard that the administration was concerned that the Taliban leadership might not have full control over all of the Taliban forces.

        Hence the “reduction in violence” as opposed to a complete cease fire.


        1. Still a fail, in my book. Violence INCREASED after the 7 day breathing period. Trump can’t get it right any more than anyone else before him on Afghanistan. To believe otherwise, based strictly on his ego and “charm”, is delusional.


        2. @Tabor

          “reduction in violence”

          If the administration understood that, then why ratchet up the violence with air strikes? That would NOT be useful for Taliban leaders acting in good faith to control the violence.

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          1. @Tabor

            It may well have been justified from a combat point of view. That is not the same as being wise. You say it was not a “provocation,” but is that how the people in Afghanistan whom our new friends the Taliban need to win over would see it?

            This may soon be moot because it appears that the Afghan government is not willing to release 5,000 terrorists they have in custody which Trump seems to have promised that they would do on their behalf.

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