Trump donates fourth quarter salary to coronavirus fight

Admirable. Two things come to mind, however. (You knew this was coming.)

First, is that Trump has been donating his salary each year to many different programs within the government. So which one is not getting money? Or another way to look at it as “same money, different recipient”.

Second, the last quarter salary is $100,000. Each trip to Mar a Lago for golf or other entertaining at his club costs taxpayers $3,4000,000. That is more than his total pay for both terms should he win again. For one trip.

To me, that announcement sounds like tipping the doorman a “nice shiny quarter”.

And not even that since he is just taking the quarter from his left pocket instead of the right. And it is still the government‘s quarter to boot.

Now if the self-proclaimed billionaire had said the next round of golf in Florida is on me, that would newsworthy.


9 thoughts on “Trump donates fourth quarter salary to coronavirus fight

  1. Joke?

    Demonstrates how desperate he is to find SOMETHING he can tout as positive in his execution of the political maneuver generally described as the “cluster fuck”…..

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    1. According to what I found there is a list of governmental causes from educational to veterans to national parks that get some money from his $400K annual salary.

      That is great. Which is why I thought it curious that FOX said he is donating his 4th quarter pay to coronavirus research in a manner that sounded like new money. Although, obviously it isn’t. And some other cause will lose its annual gift.

      Fake news? A misleading headline is I suppose. That’s all we ever hear from conservatives when WAPO does it.

      So I thought this post was apropos.

      BTW, there is a handful of presidents that have donated their pay, including Hoover and Kennedy.

      I’m recuperating from hip replacement surgery last week so my internet time has risen exponentially. Idle hands, minds, etc.

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      1. Our President’s are paid quarterly and not twice each month?

        If that’s the case…are our Senators and Representatives paid in the same manner?

        Hoping your surgery went well.
        Maybe we can do another lunch when your able to get up and move about?

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        1. Thanks. I was up and walking few steps hours after surgery. Home the next day. Climbed steps to boot.

          Slow, painful, but still…



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