Super Tuesday

Seems we jumped the gun a bit with the last thread about who we’d be voting for. Since the field has narrowed considerably since then, where do we all stand now? I’m obviously still for Bernie, but I’m curious to know where the Amy/Pete contingency landed. And why.

19 thoughts on “Super Tuesday

  1. Biden. Because the word “socialist” is going to be used extensively in the general election campaign and it scares too many people off. It doesn’t matter who the nominee is, Trump is going (and already has) declared all Democrats socialists and it would be beneficial to have a candidate who doesn’t identify as a Democratic Socialist on the ticket.

    That and Amy said so.

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    1. I’m going with Biden as well. I think he’s more electable and his political positions are more achievable.

      I’m also concerned with the tactics increasingly being used by Bernie’s supporters against ANYONE who doesn’t support him and Bernie himself going after MSM in a very trump-like manner.

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  2. Warren. Her track record with the CFPB is a decent indicator that her heart and mind lies a lot more with most Americans in a capitalist economy.

    Biden is just too old (not just calendar years but word and actions too) and too vulnerable.

    Sanders is just too…Sanders. Tough sell unless we hit another deep recession.

    Bloomberg would be the battle of the rich New Yorkers. One billionaire and one bulls#@t artist. Both of those are classic NY commodities. Can’t say much about him other than he would be a challenge to the Regime.

    Tulsi? Really? She is like the last picnic ant that just won’t let go no matter how much you bang the plate.

    There. I said it.

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    1. @Len

      First in a line of 16 this morning at Salem Middle School.

      Inked in Tulsi Gabbard. I don’t think she’ll obtain the nomination (likely going to be a brokered convention)…but if she does? I’ll likely do it again in November and expect President Trump to be reelected.


          1. Thought about that as well. How about those who won delegates in Iowa, Nevada, and Hew Hampshire? I’m trying to remember how those delegates get reapportioned at the convention. Do Pete and Amy’s delegates go to Biden by default or do they recast their lots at the convention? (Those are the only 2 no longer running that won any in the first three contests)


          2. “What really stinks is the people who voted early,…”

            Why? The objective is to vote for the person YOU WANT, and not necessarily for the one who will win.

            We don’t get points for correctly choosing and voting for the candidate that gets the most votes.

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  3. Is this close your eyes and pin the tail on a socialist day for Democrats? Funny to watch them at each other’s throats even more so after Richard Simmons and what’s her name dropped out and you still have shorty the NDA king still spending over a half a billion to muck things up. Too funny…


    1. Not really any different when compared to past primary seasons of each political party…with the exception of Mike Bloomberg.

      4 years ago, we heard the insults fly between most candidates (not sure if Ben Carson slung mud) jockeying for position in their respective parties.

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      1. Tis true. Still funny to watch now though. All of the faux indignation, postering and breathless its a party media coverage.


    2. And there it is. Trump stated that ALL Democrats are socialists and the Trumpettes eat it up and repeat back to him. You are so very predictable. Emphasis on the “dict”.


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