Good news: VA redistricting bill passed in committee goes to house vote.

Since the bill passed last year 85-13, there should be enough votes to pass on the floor.

Barring unforeseen whatever’s, it should be on the referendum and I believe it will be an amendment in time for the census.

16 thoughts on “Good news: VA redistricting bill passed in committee goes to house vote.

    1. I wrote emails to my legislators, Spruill and Heretick, and Filler-Corn, the Speaker. Not cookie cutter, but my own words. It helped that VA 2021 nudged me, but I was a contributor so that helped remind me.

      Well, when they heard that LEN ROTHMAN would not be happy if the bill died, I am sure that made all the difference.

      No doubt in my mind. But I remain a modest man who exerts influence rarely, but effectively.

      (Warning: other than actually writing the emails, the rest is sarcastic bull poop. Just in case there are those who need a bit of reassurance that the political status quo is not in my power to affect.)

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      1. Mongo STRAIGHT!
        Besides, I’m married and stopped dating long ago. But, just out of curiosity, you suppose he’s rich? Remember Jack Lemmon’s last line in “Some Like It Hot”?


  1. Doc and his ever whining about what might happen is proven wrong again. He seems to only trust the process when the GOP is in charge. More proof that his paranoia is wasted energy and he should stick to fishing with his grand kids.


  2. Well, we’ve been had.

    It hasn’t passed, the House and Senate are al loggerheads over an insignificant amendment with time running out.

    Now they can say they tried but really they’re just letting it die.


        1. I looked it tells me zip about what this bill does differently from SJ18.

          But it does say they requested a conference. I feel that with a unanimous vote in the Senate, with a Dem majority and previous overwhelmingly approval last year, the issues can be worked out.

          We’ll see.


    1. OneVirginia 2021 did tweet that the vote may be tomorrow, but no alerts have sent regarding a problem. I have contacted my legislator via email.


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