ZeroHedge: WHO Encourages Adoption Of “Alternative Greetings” Like The “Elbow Tap” And “Foot Shake” To Fight Coronavirus

A story like this one almost invites chuckles, except for the serious question: Is it really so easy to re-program human behaviors on a large scale that a government organization need only publish a comic book illustrating a few alternatives?

23 thoughts on “ZeroHedge: WHO Encourages Adoption Of “Alternative Greetings” Like The “Elbow Tap” And “Foot Shake” To Fight Coronavirus

  1. Bill Maher advocated for bowing, per Asian custom, of Friday’s show.

    Of course I have shaken hands with 4 regular customers this morning. Plus one bro hug for one of them who hadn’t been in for awhile.

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  2. Leave it to the clowns at Zerohedge to mock something that could help save lives. And, by the way nobody is suggesting that this informational comic is all that needs to be done to change a cultural habit that has been spreading disease for centuries. But, it is something. And, it is a habit that should change. Don’t you think?

    Finally, this was not produced by one of those dreaded “government organizations” but by a School of Medicine in Singapore. And the fact that it was tweeted by an employee at the World Health Organization (“WHO”) and by another who works for the Red Cross does not make it the work of a “government organization” either.

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        1. RE: “What straw man are you referring to?”

          Here are three you mention:

          • Zerohedge mocking
          • Informational comic
          • Dreaded “government organization”


          1. @Roberts


            None of them is a “straw man.” You obviously do not even understand the concept and I have no desire to try to help you rise from ignorance. I have tried on many occasions with zero success.

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    1. I agree. I told a guy today . . . “No, let’s not,” when he held out his hand on the golf course. I followed it up with, “Nice to meet you, but I’m a senior citizen and I have heart disease. So, I’m sure you get it.” He was OK and we had plenty of fun and a pleasant round.

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        1. Well, yeah – I guess I could have shook with my gloved hand, but since I’m right-handed and shake with the right hand it never occured to me in the split second to grab his hand with my left hand which was gloved. In that situation I think my reaction was reasonable – I never saw the guy before, didn’t know what his recent travel history was and so on. I play golf with THE MR. on Monday afternoons and he did shake the man’s hand. When I asked him about it later he said he never thought about, but agreed that he should be more aware. like that’s gonna happen . . . now, I’m just sayin’. Smile.


          1. You could follow the lead of Tommy Two-Gloves…..And based on your opinions I thought for sure you were LEFT handed. (chuckle chuckle.)

            A tip of the cap/visor also works. But I gotcha on this. It’s all just dine and fandy.

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  3. Well, the left wing attitude in here towards social engagement and warm welcomes is in line with their PC gone amok. Don’t touch anyone, don’t talk to anyone, dont look at anyone, just keep your nose in your phone and make me, me, me utube videos. Handshakes tell you a lot about someone. Bet Paul’s are as clammy as an Urbanna seafood platter.


    1. @BobR
      Clammy hands?

      As always, you elevate the discourse wherever you go.

      Next you will be saying that liberals have cooties.
      But at least we don’t carry a gun to every “social engagement.”

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      1. I think Adam is talking to you. He’s got you pegged through and through and says you come off as a donkey sphincter orifice. Now that wasn’t nice, was it???


        1. Once again you prove that it is you who is the “donkey sphincter orifice”. Which by the way is NOT the definition of what I said you come off as. With one exception (me) , as far as I know, you all HAVE them. It is just some of you ARE them. Or at least come off as one.

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    2. You seem to believe the “left wing” has a monopoly on bad behavior. There is just as much from your side of whatever planet you come from as well. Don’t be so freaking high and mighty in your attitude with those who disagree. It makes you come of as an asshole.

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