An interesting prediction

Begala feels it is certain that Trump will replace Pence with Nikki Haley. I see it as a potentially smart move. Better appeal and positions her for 2024. Not that I would necessarily vote for her, but…

So how does the gang feel? Smart move? Will he or won’t he?

5 thoughts on “An interesting prediction

  1. Trump knows he is on the fence with many suburban women. Haley might be a smart move. For him.

    For her? I’d like to think she is better than that.

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  2. Said that to the spouse on Saturday. Pence is a natural fall-guy for the outbreak, and about the time Biden announces his choice (which will be done before the convention), Trump will pick Nikki.

    Don’t feel bad for Mike. He won’t be “fired”. He will be given the opportunity to announce his “spend more time with the family”, or his “need time to study the Bible” exit. Trump cannot afford to anger the Evangelicals… wait, what am I saying? Harlots and whores don’t anger them, then dumping Pence won’t either.


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