Story posted yesterday in Pilotonline about Trump supporter and Wesleyan security guard

Here are some more details.

Seems that Mr. Gohring is considering criminal charges against the security guard.

News at 11. Or later.

13 thoughts on “Story posted yesterday in Pilotonline about Trump supporter and Wesleyan security guard

  1. We still don’t know all of the details of the confrontation. Mr. Gohring has presented his side of the story. There are always 3 sides to each story; his, hers (or in this case the other his) and the truth.

    And I’m thinking instead of news at 11, news on the 11th.


  2. Okay, okay! So he didn’t say, “Don’t taze me, Bro.” Apparently, it was “Don’t touch me, Bro.”

    Cruisin’ for trouble. Wearing their MAGA hats to Democrat rally just to see. Oh, but only one candidate said, “Rough ’em up. I’ll pay the legal bills,” or words to that effect.

    Back in my long-hair, over-fed, leaping hippie days, I avoided Club 17 and the Cactus Lounge out of respect. Self-respect.

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  3. Note that it also seems the security was for the Sanders campaign.

    “See, in the good old days this didn’t use to happen, because they used to treat them very rough,” he said. “We’ve become very weak.” At least one supporter felt the same way: Videos shot at the event showed a man punching a protester as he was removed. The puncher has been charged with assault.”

    Maybe Mr. Gohring should be thankful it wasn’t the “good old days”.

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  4. So I gather it must be just fine and dandy for anti-Republican protesters to gather at Republican events, act like babies, scream, shout, start fires, break windows and make other trouble but a few Republicans peacefully chatting with people at a Democrat event is verboten? Really?


      1. So who is the snowflake in this scenario? Seems to me the protester, who we don’t know what he did or said to the security guard to precipitate what the video showed, is the snowflake in this instance.


          1. That’s not how I saw the 13 second clip. It appeared the protester turned towards the PRIVATE security guard. But hey, you spin your way, I’ll wait for the TRUTH to come out.


          2. So I watched the entire video posted by our old Pilot friend, Jimmy Frost. He was NOT almost back to his car and security did what they believed to be their job. We still do not know what precipitated the security guy from grabbing the protester. Did he make a threatening remark? Or a gesture perceived by security to be threatening? It is not on the tape.

            The protesters were asked to leave. They did not do so, but challenged security. Security felt it was necessary to escort them away from the crowd.

            The bottom line is this: We still do NOT know exactly what happened and there is a lot of guessing going on. Until the full story is known it is unfair to judge either party involved in the incident. And that is what I’ve been saying pretty much from the start.


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