Where is Pat Robertson when you need him?

Private prayer is fine and cannot hurt, but Vice President Pence dragging government employees and scientists into his display of sanctimonious religiosity is cringe-worthy. IMHO. Of course, a good part of Trump’s base eats this stuff up so that is probably the point. Otherwise, why release photos.

The article contains many links to the evidence supporting the idea that Mr. Pence is a very poor choice for this very important role.

Let me end with a prayer – Heaven help us.

6 thoughts on “Where is Pat Robertson when you need him?

      1. Uh yep. There’s a reason for that memory…

        God I miss Barry Manilow… Not that I liked his music or singing, but I wish we had some jingle writers today.

        Swear ta God, that if I hear “Liberty, liberty, LIBBBBERTY, Liberty…” one more time, I’ll shove knitting needles in my ears (or somebody’s). (Also, “free, free-free, free-free-free….)


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  1. I am far from a defender of the administration. However, and in the mode of civility I proposed last Thursday, let me say this. We do not know what the prayer was for. Perhaps it was for guidance and wisdom to properly find the way forward through this impending crisis. It IS a possibility.

    However, with Pence, you can’t be sure. By accepting his position as VP, it appears he did NOT pray for either of those. If he had, I don’t think he would be VP today.


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