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John’s Hopkins is keeping this map up-to-date. There are now 86 cases in the United States and they are spread far and wide. Most of them can still be traced to travel in affected areas but some “community” cases are beginning to appear. Map can be scaled and scrolled. Worth bookmarking if the numbers keep growing.

15 thoughts on “Pandemic tracker

  1. Something else to keep in mind . . .

    You do not find what you do not look for. As of today the UK has conducted about 7,000 tests and opened drive-thru testing points where anyone suspecting they have caught the virus can be safely tested. In our country, about 5x as populous as the UK, we have conducted less than 500 tests. Meanwhile, it is now being reported that it appears that the virus has been freely roaming in Washington State for more than six weeks.

    Side note – the “socialist” UK health system is all over this issue while in this country we are dithering as to who is responsible for what.

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    1. RE: “Side note – the ‘socialist’ UK health system is all over this issue while in this country we are dithering as to who is responsible for what.”

      Before making comparisons like that you need to confirm that the testing protocols in the US and UK are in fact comparable. Just looking at UK’s government website, it appears that part of their approach involves testing for coronaviruses generically, not specifically for COVID-19.

      Also, stories about the “drive-through” testing show that the purpose is to prevent patients from physically entering the clinics, not to accomplish detections on a high-volume basis.

      Be careful not to spread misinformation.


      1. @Roberts

        Misinformation? You are full of shit. I provided facts. And the facts support the opinion.

        If existing and available tests can screen for coronaviruses then why is the UK using them but we are not? Because their “socialist” National Health Service (“NHS”) is all over this pandemic issue while we are dithering. I did not say why the drive-thru screening service was done and it does not matter. It is there. And, in your eager research to somehow validate our for-profit system you may have also come across the fact that in addition to those drive-thru locations the UK NHS has also set up lots of other immediate access testing sites in quiet corners of hospitals.

        If you start feeling ill, where are YOU going to go for immediate and free screening to see if you have a coronavirus?

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        1. “ Consider Miami resident Osmel Martinez Azcue, as reported by The Miami Herald’s Ben Conarck. He checked himself into the hospital for flu-like symptoms after arriving back in the US from a work trip to China, concerned he had been exposed to the novel coronavirus.

          He asked to be first tested for the flu before getting a CT scan to screen for coronavirus because of his limited insurance plan, Conarck wrote. He did have the flu, which meant no further testing for coronavirus, but he told Conarck that the whole hospital visit cost $3,270, according to a notice from his insurance company.”

          So that should encourage people to enter a hospital for the “free” coronavirus test.

          If this virus becomes a pandemic, it might be a serious profit maker. Help the DOW at least in the health sector.

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      2. RE: “I provided facts.”

        Your “facts” are misleading because they are incomplete.

        RE: “If you start feeling ill, where are YOU going to go for immediate and free screening to see if you have a coronavirus?”

        Maybe I’ll come over to your house, since you seem to think you know everything. First, though, I’d like to know how you will distinguish my coronavirus from one that causes the common cold.


        1. @Roberts
          What a dope!
          I mean me for accepting your characterization of what was reported on the UK government web site.

          You obviously latched on to this statement . . .

          “After the experience of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003, PHE developed a series of diagnostic tests to detect any member of the family of coronaviruses. These have been used for several years, and were able to detect the first UK case of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) in 2012.”

          and ignored the very next statement . . .

          With the first reported publication of the genome sequence of a 2019 novel coronavirus, PHE was able to rapidly develop further specific tests for this virus, working with WHO and global network of laboratories.

          Typical Trumper cherry-picking and dishonesty. Or eager carelessness? And an immediate accusation of dishonesty against someone simply providing some information.

          In fact, the information and links on that site confirm my original statement that the “socialist” UK health system is all over this issue” and as the website shows the number of DEFINITIVE tests done has already increased to 13,525 with 40 cases found.

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        2. Good for you. You read the link I provided. Now, pay attention to this direct quote:

          “When a clinician suspects novel coronavirus (COVID-19), they take samples from the nose, throat and deeper respiratory samples, package and send them safely to PHE Colindale.”

          It means that not all UK patients who present themselves for screening (presumably the 13,000 who have done so) have been specifically tested for Covid-19.

          In other words, you don’t actually know whether the Covid-19 testing in the UK is comparable to the Covid-19 testing in the US, either better or worse, and lacking that point of information, you are in no position to claim that UK’s response to the outbreak has been superior to ours.


          1. @Roberts

            Yes I read AND understood the link you provided. You obviously did not because it strongly supports the simple fact that I offered and runs counter to what you would like to believe.

            I made no claim that the result of the test administered was immediate or nor even that they were done at that drive-thru location. But the fact remains that the UK National Health Service has set up dozens of places where people can present themselves for testing. And, silly you, you take the fact that they often see a Doctor as part of the screening is a bad thing. It isn’t.

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          2. @Roberts

            Today NPR reports that our Secretary of DHS has claimed that there have been 3,600 Covid-19 tests done in the United States. The same number from the UK which is 1/5th our size is 13,525. From the link you provided . . .

            “As of 9am on 2 March, a total of 13,525 people have been tested in the UK, of which 13,485 were confirmed negative and 40 positive.”

            Again, it is very clear that . . . the “socialist” UK health system is all over this issue while in this country we are dithering as to who is responsible for what.

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