1 Newspaper and 3 TV news depts, and not one covers this

VA Weslyan guard assaults protestor

A GOP protestor outside the Bernie Sanders rally at VA Weslyan was unlawfully assaulted by a security guard. The video has been provided to all the local news outlets, but not one has covered it.

15 thoughts on “1 Newspaper and 3 TV news depts, and not one covers this

  1. Because those media outlets are in bed with the Democrats? But hey, at least they have someone covering the “party” at Democrat campaign propaganda events. Nothing else to see here now move along.


  2. I wonder if the 4 outlets have a secret handshake they use when they meet late at night to coordinate their “deep state” strategies to aid the evil Democrats?

    Keeps me up sometimes, just wondering…

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  3. Was there media outside at the incident?

    What brought the security over? What was he doing before to get the attention? Was he threatening the crowd before the video started?

    It must not have gotten much attention from anyone.

    You think Sanders will pay the security guards legal expenses? Trump would offer that. Smart folks wouldn’t count on that, but still…

    There are a lot of questions that a single, 13 second, blurry video doesn’t answer. A blue flag? I thought the Republicans and Trump supporters were Reds. Red hats, red states, red meat.

    But it provides a nice whine.


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  4. PS:

    If that is all the media saw when they finally got the snippet, it would be hard to follow up. By then the line is inside, the no name protestor gone, so what is the story?

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  5. Yeah…I saw that at about 5AM this morning.

    What I didn’t see? What had transpired before to cause the security guard to react in such a manner.

    Just as first responders can’t be everywhere (minutes away needed!) I question this premise why “the media” wasn’t there either.

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  6. “You don’t have to touch him”. Well if he fails to follow the orders of the security guard, which we don’t know one way or the other, the security guard is within his rights to take him by the arm to escort him away. We also don’t know what the protester said to the guard that caused him to be physically ESCORTED and then both fell to the ground.

    Too many questions about what transpired PRIOR to the video, to know the answers to any of our questions.

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    1. Here is a longer video, taken by a Bernie supporter, that provides more context.

      Note that the Trump supporters were peacefully protesting and after being told to leave, were returning to their cars when the guard attacked.

      As of last night, NONE of the local media had contacted the Trump supporter, Markus Gohring for comment.


      1. @Tabor

        Yeah, lets get all excited because one over-zealous security guard – not a Bernie rally attendee – shoved a guy. Meanwhile you support a person who frequently encouraged his followers to violence, offered to pay their legal bills and suggested the “second amendment people” could deal with Hillary and/or her judicial appointees.

        My original LOL! was spot on.

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          1. @Tabor

            You never said Sanders was at fault. No you did not.

            But you chose to spread the story of this extremely minor incident that Sanders had nothing to do with his name attached to it. You now say that you were not out to attack him but VA Wesleyan who almost certainly had next to nothing to do with it either.

            As for these “apologists” maybe you can cite someone who says it was appropriate behavior by this security guard?

            I will stick with LOL!

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      2. Markus Gohring? You can’t be serious?

        Hermann’s great grandson without the umlaut. That is kind of funny. Really.

        I know, just a coincidence and means nothing. I know you wouldn’t make that up.

        It looks like some poor judgement or training for security. And we have no idea what Gohring said, threatened, disobeyed or what.

        Gohring? Too funny.

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