Another judicial rebuke of the Trump way of doing the nation’s business.

It has been clear form the start that Mr. Trump doesn’t believe in the Constitution or the rule of law in this country. Unlike his statement that Art II says he can do whatever he wants, the Art III branch, once again reminds him that is NOT the case.

Cuccinelli, another right wing talking head who got his job because of his television auditions, is unlawfully filling a position and should be returned to the dust heap of VA politics from whence he was resurrected. -IMHO

9 thoughts on “Another judicial rebuke of the Trump way of doing the nation’s business.

  1. The idea that you could legally ignore the law by futzing the man’s job title is a typical bit of Stable Genius management thinking. No wonder Mr. Trump has been sued thousands of times.

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  2. Technically, Trump and DHS did not violate the FVRA. You may not like the loophole but nothing in the VFRA disallows such a maneuver. The judge is trying to say, in his opinion, the position is in name only so it doesn’t qualify. Not surprising from an Obama appointee but his “opinion”. DHS disagrees with that assessment and will decide whether to take it further or just enact the same policies through the current acting director. Things like this come up all of the time so not a big deal really…


      1. You may think so but constitutional law professors disagree with you. There is nothing in the VFRA that prohibits it. The judge made a ruling on their opinion of the spirit of the law, nothing else. Law professors specifically lament the poor wording of the act to allow such loopholes. If you don’t like it, update the law. Otherwise a DHS appeal will easily cure this problem but that takes time. Easier to pursue a different route.


      2. Just like the CDC, there is a reason DHS doesn’t ask you for your opinion or “expertise” in government program management. Do you know why that is?


  3. ” Things like this come up all of the time”… In this administration it is almost weekly, it seems.

    You should pay attention to Chief Justice Roberts’ admonition about judges. “We don’t have Obama judges or Trump judges, but committed members of the judiciary”…

    The judge in question has a lot more experience in this than you do. If she says the appointment was unlawful, then it is. It’s kinda the way these things work. And to say “it happens all the time, no biggie” is Trumpist horseshit.

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