Moderator’s comment on civility

Don Tabor, our moderator, commented under on of the threads about our own lack of civility. (I am guilty of it as well). Interestingly enough The Buzz topic this week was just that.

But the irony is between consecutive comments as edited by The Pilot:

“I am hoping that when a new guy gets the gig at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., some of this stuff will get dialed back. With the way we talk over the internet, this might just be the new normal. Long term? Lead by example. Does it have to be said? Said in that way? Think a little.

Mike Reynolds, Virginia Beach

Probably nothing short of using muzzles to keep Democrats and fake news from slamming Republicans. The only Democratic agenda has been doing anything possible to remove Donald Trump as president of the United States. The Democrats have damaged our country greatly.

Ellis M. Hogge, Hayes

I could try to explain to Mr. Hogge that it is Mitch McConnell who is doing nothing by not sending to the Senate committees the numerous bills passed by the House, but there is no arguing with someone with his attitude.

Many others voiced the same idea about Trump being the issue. He may not be the cause of the incivility of our rhetoric these days. But he is a manifestation of it.

I will try to do better on the civility level and follow the lead of Mr. Rothman, who’s opinions I admire as well as his ability to counter differences in a meaningful and thoughtful manner. Even Mr. Roberts tends to be civil, annoying, but civil. Maybe we should all take a step back and consider our words a little closer.

17 thoughts on “Moderator’s comment on civility

  1. I have no desire these days to converse, other than…”Hi, fine; see you later.” … when I find myself drawn into a conversation where I’ve already heard the person’s nonsense of why they think d. j. trump is doing a good job running this country. Seems like a royal waste of time to me. So, nope, nope, nope – I just won’t listen to BS and smile for nothing more than the sake of ‘civility’. Been there, done that; and I just don’t care to hear more blather from those folks.

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        1. Certainly better advice now, but I’d consider doing so a bit reckless.

          I have two basic tenets for investing:

          A) Pigs get fat, and hogs get slaughtered.

          B) Never discourage those who try to “time” the market, they’re funding your retirement…

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          1. The caution to not try to catch a falling knife is generally applied to leveraged trading, where shorting a falling stock can be disastrous if it is not done falling.

            If your strategy is to buy and hold your risk in minimal, in that you still profit when the recovery comes, just not as much as if you caught the true bottom.


          2. This is a correction triggered by the viral uncertainty. At this time, if you want to buy and hold fine but, look to large value, or wait. There is time in along range plan. Better lost return than lost principle.

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        2. I agree that timing the markets is counterproductive.

          At my current stage in life, I am not actively adding to my investments.

          I am a buy-and-hold kind of guy, culling losers regularly but holding my diversified core as long as I can.

          I keep three years cash equivalent(SWVXX) so I can ride out bad times without having to sell into a bad market. I replenish that fund, selling losers first, when the market is up and coast when it is down.

          So, as long as it is not down for more than three years, downturns do not affect me.

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          1. Sound strategy and Schwab is pretty good, but not sure of the relevance.

            More to the point: a tanking market is bad news for “take the credit for things I had nothing to do with“ boy.

            Gotta be Obama’s fault somehow….

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          2. Actually, I suspect the market was due for a temporary setback anyway as I think that it had gotten ahead of itself. Trump would have gotten the blame.

            Trump may have lucked out in that it has already become “common knowledge” that the market is falling because of Coronavirus and thus not Trump’s fault.

            You can’t blame Trump for an Act of God.


          3. @tabor

            Yeah, he can/will blame the market downturn on the virus (and yes a 10/15% correction was due) and he has been lucky in general that he inherited the Obama economy that’s been tough to screw up.

            His lies and incompetence in handling the pandemic may be another story however…

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          4. “Yeah, he can/will blame the market downturn on the virus”…
            Jimmie, he’s already blamed the down turn on the Democrats running to beat him.

            As far as his “handiling” goes, he’s got his scapegoat already. He lives in the Executive Office Building and used to be Governor in Indiana.

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  2. Wow. The conversation on this thread has been civil like no other. However, it evolved into a discussion on the stock markets and what should you do. It would have been better to start a new thread on the topic.

    BUT!!! Civility at its best on TNOF. For a change.

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