Please don’t try this at home

Just another responsible gun owner? Who is going to be liable for the injuries suffered?

And who on Earth uses a gun to take a selfie?

27 thoughts on “Please don’t try this at home

  1. As I have oft said, “the difference between comedy and tragedy is distance. If you’re close enough to see the blood, it stops being funny.”

    What surprises me are the number of people who get shot by their dogs.

    I knew a guy in college who took one to his arm and shoulder from a 20-guage. He leaned the gun against a fence post as he went between the wires and it when off when his dog jumped up on the gun. At least that was his story.

    But my favorite (I still laugh thinking about it now) was one my Dad read out loud from the paper one day back in the 60s. Guy laid his shotgun on the bench seat of his pickup. Put the dog in. Climbed in and sat on the muzzle of the gun and started down the road. Dog’s paw stepped on the trigger.

    The stacks of stupidity it took to pull that one off is astounding.

    I’m just spit balling, but I’ll bet there is on average one “dog shoots man” each year.

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    1. Sure. I did Junior NRA in Boy Scouts.

      It also sounds like the owner of the guns didn’t learn anything either.

      Proficiency requirements are just common sense.

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        1. “The babysitter wasn’t the owner, she found the gun unsecured.”

          And that is the problem. The gun owner was irresponsible in not properly securing his/her weapon. The gun owner should be liable in this instance.

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          1. Note that the article is a little bit confusing.

            She took selfies of herself holding the weapon, she did not try to take selfies using the weapon.

            I wish the article told us if the owner in this case was allowed to have firearms in the first place. In most such cases, they are illegally possessed anyway.


          2. “I wish the article told us if the owner in this case was allowed to have firearms in the first place. In most such cases, they are illegally possessed anyway.”

            Very much a generalization that is potentially unfair to the gun owner.

            It didn’t, but you are assuming that is the case.

            And my opening comment was meant to point out the article’s lack of clarity.

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    2. You could educate the crap out of the public and these things will still happen. There is a fraction who will be cavalier, and a fraction who are just too stupid to have a gun. Then there is alcohol which can manufacture either at any time.

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      1. I don’t remember the source, but I once read that the majority of this kind of accident, child gets hold of loaded gun, happen in households where at least one family member was legally barred from possessing a firearm.


          1. The article didn’t specify felons but I suspect that’s most of it.

            But remember that people subject to protective orders and certain mentally ill people are also barred, as are fugitives from justice.


          2. Yeah maybe, but as G. Gordon used to say, “I can’t own a weapon, but my wife can.” In all the years I listened to him, he never once slipped up and said, “I inspecting my S&W.” He always managed to say, “I was helping my wife clean her S&W…”

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          3. Something in the pitch ad timber. Hank Azaia has it in his show Brockmire. I’d almost believe he’s channeling Liddy.


          4. I worked in DC and used to come home on Thursday midday. Took 301/17 because WJFK faded on 95. Listened to G. Gordon because by the time I got to the York River, all my anxieties faded into his voice. Magical. A real silver throated demon.

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    3. “Sounds like a good argument for early and mandatory instruction on firearms safety in school.”

      Sounds akin to forcing Jewish and Muslim kids to recite the Lord’s Prayer. (Which was done to me as part of being on the football team in 1979)

      Voluntary, yes. Mandatory? Oh. hell NO!


      1. Well, I’m not big on mandatory in general, but at the same time I don’t like being held responsible for the actions of stupid and ignorant people.

        Many jurisdictions place restrictions on firearms in the home which are impractical in order to try to accommodate those who are irresponsible. For a while, legislators were trying to require trigger locks. Imagine you hear your door getting kicked in and you have to go looking fro a key before you can retrieve your handgun.

        I have grandkids at large here at the compound, so I keep my long guns in a safe and my handguns in strategically placed biometric lockboxes. I don’t need a legislator who doesn’t know what end of a handgun the fire comes out of to tell me how to keep my grandkids safe.

        But really, what kind of parent is going to sing an opt-out for a firearms safety course?


        1. …”what kind of parent is going to sing an opt-out for a firearms safety course?”

          One like the parent’s I grew up with who didn’t like, use or sanctify guns. And my father, a quite talented singer in his own right, would not only sing the opt out, he would SIGN it, as well. And then sing about it again.

          … I don’t need a legislator who doesn’t know what end of a handgun the fire comes out of ” Another generalization of legislators who support gun control efforts. Not a good way to advance your argument. It’s petty and unhelpful.

          And I get it, Don. You ARE a responsible owner. Great. You already take necessary actions that some of theses laws call for. I am with you on the trigger guard issue. But keeping guns away from those either too young or stupid to understand is not a bad idea. Legislating it would make the irresponsible ones culpable for damages.


          1. Misspelling noted.

            If you ever heard Mark Levine, patron of HB961 (assault weapon ban) try to describe an assault weapon, you would see my characterization is more than fair.


          2. You try to make it sound as if Levine is the only one involved. He ain’t alone. And let us not forget that a MAJORITY of VA voters voted particularity based on the gun control issue.

            He may be ignorant of the workings of a firearm. He does understand what a gun is made for, particularly an assault style weapon: Killing or maiming as many people as possible as quickly as possible.


          3. Same here. Not all talent is hereditary. But the old man has appeared on Broadway several times and has toured the country in numerous musicals. We didn’t so a lot of road trips growing up. Usually to NJ to visit his folks and the driving was done “red eye”. If he was singing then, I was out like a light and didn’t hear it.


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