42 thoughts on “Super Tuesday

    1. I’m on the Pete train as well (although I also like Amy’s politics and moxy).

      Pete’s obvious knowledge and intelligence aside, I don’t think old white men (or women) are the answer to 21st century challenges.

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        1. Youthful exuberance and centrism? That is some of what I have heard from others who like him, including my dad…even though he stated he is now leaning towards Bloomberg. (AND my pops lives in the NYC metro)


          1. That’s interesting because I’m about his age and he is universally loathed among my friend group. I can’t tell what he’s running on other than a mediocre Obama impression. I guess there’s his mandatory military service plan . . . yikes.

            And Bloomberg? You need to steal your dad’s distributor cap Tuesday morning.

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          2. “I guess there’s his mandatory military service plan” Besides being gay (which is NOT an issue for me personally) but maybe he also a closet Israeli?

            A lot of what you describe as your “friend group” appear to be Bernie supporters. I do find that dynamic interesting.

            And my comment was not MY feelings about him, just what I have heard others say who are supporting, or even leaning towards, him.

            I don’t know if Pops will stick with Mayor Mike. He votes in New York state, so there is a bit of time before he has to commit (or be committed). June 23 to be exact.

            And he drives a hybrid. Do they even have distributor caps?


          3. “And my comment was not MY feelings about him, just what I have heard others say who are supporting, or even leaning towards, him.”

            Yeah, I got that. It is a very interesting dynamic since most young people like the crotchety old man but older people like the precocious teacher’s pet young guy.

            And it would be amusing to watch the religious right have a 4 year meltdown over a gay president.

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          1. I see the same, but in addition I’ve looked at some of the details in his plans to do the things he’s put forth relative to health care, foreign policy, economic inequities, and climate issues to add to my comfort level.

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          2. @ Russell

            I don’t think either “pragmatism” or “intelligence” are “aesthetics” .

            Regardless, finding details about Sander’s plan to do what he proposes is an exercise in futility…

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          3. I’m sorry Russell I should have been more clear, Yes, I’ve seen the material you referenced and even reviewed the links off the link.

            They represent what I would describe as “marketing material” as opposed to serious detail about how they would be effected. There are more assumptions and unanswered questions there than actual information.

            I would have used such a presentation as a “teaching/learning” opportunity for any manager briefing me on their “plan”.

            By contrast here is Buttigieg’s take on just infrastructure:


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        1. If Trump would do to her what he did to Hillary, I see her turning around and clocking him. OR calling her Uncles Dick in the tree stand. But she’s still my choice and that was before the NYT endorsed her…and Warren.


  1. I’m voting for Tulsi Gabbard. I like to stance about these endless wars.

    Besides…of all the candidates available in 2020? I’d rather look at her for 4 years.

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        1. I don’t disagree with your assessment. But is that why one should consider voting for her? Because she’s nice to look at?

          If it is about her policies, good on ya. Otherwise, aesthetics ain’t the way to go. -IMHO


  2. I am with the young people of this country. This country needs fundamental change not more of the same. Medicare-for-all, relief from education debt and the end of the war on drugs are litmus test issues. Elizabeth Warren is my first choice, but she seems to be having trouble getting traction in spite of being the most competent and most honest person in the race. If she does reasonably well in SC, I will vote for her. If she falls badly I will vote for Bernie.

    I think Biden is well past his sell-by date. Klobuchar is pretty much a zero in my mind. Mayor Pete seems an smart and opportunistic parvenu who has eloquently made himself into a one-man GOP talking point machine. Neither of the Billionaires have a clue about the lives of ordinary Americans and Bloomberg has shown that he is not ready for prime time.

    With all that said, I will vote for any of them over Trump. There is too much a stake to sulk if things don’t go the way one would wish.

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    1. Integrity noted. I don’t recall, is the Libertarian Party choosing their candidate at the national convention, or is there a state-by-state process for your party of choice?

      As far as supporting the winner; of which primary do you speak?


        1. That is why I said what I said about integrity. I kind of knew that about you from our interactions here and the old Pilot.

          I may not agree with much of what you say, but I’ll give you marks for integrity WRT to the current topic.

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  3. Bernie.

    Not because I think ANYTHING he would want to accomplish will get done, but because I, unlike Trump, really do understand the Art of the Deal, and NEVER start your bargaining position from a point the other guy will accept outright with a smile.

    Biden, Bloomberg, and Buttigieg would be like electing Reagan again.

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    1. “Buttigieg would be like electing Reagan again“

      I voted for Reagan twice and sorry for the second one. I watched his polices evolve as the GOP establishment at the time increased their influence on him (particularly economically) and felt he ultimately betrayed the middle class.

      Comparing Buttigieg, who’s positions I’ve reviewed in detail to either version of Reagan is WAY off-base.

      In Reagan’s day Pete would have been more like Warren relatively…

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  4. Personally I like the fire in Warren. But her rush to M4A, which has been toned down, I think will hurt. Amy will get my vote. For one thing, she is from the Midwest and can help with the rural vote.

    But if Trump continues down this road to perdition, then I could win, and I was naturalized.

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  5. Liberals need to grow some thicker skin and I mean a lot of it. All of this phony hyper sensitivity and phony being so easily offended by off the cuff pet names just confirms what weaklings they are. Grow up….


    1. @BobR

      You are really just kind of dumb, aren’t you. Liberals feel no pain if you insist on limiting your political discussion to throwing out “off the cuff pet names” and insults instead of facts or logical arguments. We are not “offended” by such foolishness. The opposite, in fact, since it illustrates what a bunch of “deplorable” knuckle draggers Trump supporters tend to be.

      You urge others to “grow up” while yourself behaving like a child. This particular thread was kicked off to be an adult discussion of the Democratic Primary race. Every other participant treated it that way, but that seems to be something you are not capable of so instead you jump in to parrot Donald Trump’s childish incivility. Sad.

      In my response here I have questioned your intellectual ability (“dumb”, “foolishness”), your maturity (“childish”) and general boorishness (“knuckle dragger”). I hope you are not a “weakling” who is “so easily offended” because, really, the truth SHOULD hurt when it is so contrary to your delusional self-image that allows you to urge others to “Grow up.”

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      1. There is no such thing as a left wing “adult” conversation, especially one salivating over posturing imbeciles trying to outdo each other with free stuff. You are so easily led and bratishly mouthy. Get over it.


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