Punishing Expert Testimony by the Party of Lies

Democrats punish law enforcement experts

Democratic lawmakers have decided to punish Virginia Sheriffs and their deputies for giving truthful testimony on the ineffectiveness of gun control.

13 thoughts on “Punishing Expert Testimony by the Party of Lies

  1. The REAL punishment may come when duly elected sheriffs refuse to enforce the laws passed, regardless of what they are. What is worse; not getting a 3% raise or being fired for failure to perform, your duties?

    I also question the writer’s ability to use punctuation.

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      1. “Saslaw directly said so.” A claim that when made about others you say otherwise. I could easily say I saw Don Tabor after a Libertarian Party breakfast meeting and he said, “You know, Adam, I really am just a Libertarian in name only. The GOP is where my true allegiance lies.” Would it be true? Partly, because I do know that the Libertarians meet on Saturday mornings for breakfast at the particular restaurant. The rest doesn’t matter.

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  2. @Tabor

    Try telling the boss in a for-profit business that you do not intend to follow the policy established by management and see how big your raise would be. Anybody who ever worked for a company knows the answer – minus 100%.

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    1. Again, Saslaw, the Majority leader of the Senate, directly told Stanley that it was retaliation for the Sheriffs testifying against gun control in the committees. Not the 2nd Amendment sanctuary movement, but the expert testimony of the chief law enforcement officers of of the counties.

      This is the equivalent of denying COLA raises to nurses and hospital employees for doctors testifying truthfully in favor of vaccines.


      1. Well at least they didn’t fire them and hire donors to the Democratic Party.

        Trump set the tone about anyone testifying about anything that is contrary to his tunnel vision view.

        Trump supporters should be proud since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

        Just sayin’

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        1. Whatabout?

          And how does that excuse the vindictiveness of the Democratic party against law enforcement officers for pointing out the flaws and unintended consequences of the party’s ill advised gun control agenda?


          1. Come on Don. Trump just dumped a man who gave an intelligence assessment to Congress regarding Russian attempts to interfere in our election. In other words, doing his job. Vindictive much?

            If the facts are right about the Democrats, then I don’t agree it’s a good thing to do. But I question the facts.

            I am not sure about the veracity of secondhand info.
            “Stanley said that Saslaw said…”

            And it wasn’t just about testifying, if the quote is right. It was because the sheriffs flat out said “…that they weren’t going to enforce our laws”. And I believe this was before anyone knew what would be passed.

            “Law Enforcement Officer”does have a meaning. Is it up to them to decide the constitutionality of a law? Or should they do what they tell people who feel their arrest is illegal. “Tell it to the judge”.

            Just recently, some Commonwealth Attorneys have been criticized for not prosecuting marijuana possession cases.

            The bottom line is that adjudication of legality is not done at the street level.

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      2. “Hey Stanley,” Saslaw (D-Fairfax) said to Sen. Bill Stanley of Franklin County on Thursday, according to an account Stanley later posted on Facebook. “You want to know why your sheriffs didn’t get a raise? — because they came to our committees and said that they weren’t going to enforce our laws.”

        They didn’t testify against the law, they said they wouldn’t enforce it. There’s a difference between expressing an opinion and civil disobedience. HDT’s treatise, read it.

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