Democrats adopt policy that led to Parkland shooting

House bill 257 goes to Governor

Sometimes it seems the Democrats want a mass school shooting to help them pass gun control. HB257 adopts the policy that led to the Parkland shooting.

9 thoughts on “Democrats adopt policy that led to Parkland shooting

  1. The policy that lead to the Parkland shooting is the policy of easy access to guns. You can blame Obama, Hollywood, Electronic Arts, women’s liberation or whatever else you want to use for a smoke screen but guns are a necessary condition for gun violence. We have too many, too powerful, and too easy to get guns. Period.

    The reporting requirement in question is a counter-productive and damaging bit of government overreach that would turn every schoolyard scuffle into a criminal case. It should be repealed.

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      1. @Tabor

        I offer my opinions. You offer yours. You can drop that silly “Because you say so.”

        You say more guns would make us safer. I say fewer guns would make us safer. I have mountains of evidence supporting my opinion. You have almost none supporting yours – just daydreams and anecdotes.

        As for Parkland the attempt to take the failures of one or two individuals to impugn a sensible policy is very typical of non-evidence based and emotional argument. The criminalization of school yard scuffles IS a very serious problem. And doubly so since it has been demonstrably administered with malice and bias against young men of color.

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        1. The failure at Parkland was not ‘one or two individuals’ it was a systemic failure of policy from the Obama Education Dept right down to the Broward County school board and Sheriff’s office.


          1. @Tabor

            I knew you would be blaming Obama. It is your go to smoke screen for defending the disastrous gun policies in this country. And, yes, tens of thousands of avoidable deaths IS a disaster. Even if a lot of them happen to people not like you.

            In fact, the policy guidance from the Obama DoE did not require any particular approach to this issue of reporting schoolhouse misbehavior but ONLY that whatever policy is adopted that it should be administered without discrimination.

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          2. Untrue in every respect.

            While the “Promise” program was motivated by the disproportionate number of black youths in the so-called school-to-prison-pipeline, it did require, in order to receive grants, that counseling be substituted for reporting assaults by students to the police.

            That is exactly what Virginia Democrats are passing this year.



          3. @Tabor

            Are you deliberately confusing Broward County’s Promise program with the Obama administrations Promise Neighborhood program? The Broward County Promise Program was established years before the PROMISE Neighborhood program.


            As for federal funding being tied to not reporting crimes to the police, I cannot find any such regulation. Unless you can cite something authoritative on that score I will continue to think that you or someone is just making that up.

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          4. @Tabor

            Uh, nice try but the question I asked was NOT addressed there. The false claim you are spreading is that federal grants required that crimes in school not be reported to the police. The article – which I have read every time you link to it – offers zero evidence that this is the truth. The opinion of the writer is not evidence.

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