Moscow Mitch…the endearing nickname has new meaning.

The Republicans, Mitch in particular, are doing a “Putinesque” maneuver to interfere in the Democratic primary in NC. The “turtle” was a good student apparently.

Geez, the Republicans just can’t stop themselves. Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” (or should that be “Kaos, Komrade”?) was another effort to affect the Democratic primaries a few years back. About the time when President Obama was a “Magic Negro”, if I recall.

Oh well. With Trump as the leader of the GOP, the rotten fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

IMHO, naturally.

16 thoughts on “Moscow Mitch…the endearing nickname has new meaning.

    1. @Tabor

      I am against party primaries being open to non-supporters. I wrote in favor of the GOP loyalty oath they tried to implement in VA a few years back.

      With that said, this story had nothing to do with that question. It was about the “ratfucking” use of dark money. Are you in favor of that?

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      1. I thought it was the money issue as well and cross-party was a sidebar.

        Another related development is all the political “favors” money-wise handed out to AK. AZ. ME. CO.

        I wonder why they were singled out right after the witness/impeachment votes???

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      1. Unfortunately we don’t have access to the old Pilot dialogues but I do remember you defending cross over voting as a means to avoid the most harmful, from your point of view, candidates.


        1. I swear you have me confused with someone else. I railed against “operation chaos” way back.

          But then, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast.

          The post was not about crossover voting. Rather the Taylor tactic of support for another Democrat to split the ticket.

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  1. All the hate and discontent that resulted from 8 years under a black President has resulted in some of our Countries darkest days.

    As the angry, shrinking crowd of white bigots fade into history brighter days will once again prevail.

    We just need to persevere and survive their last gasps and grasps for power as they try to Making America White Again…IMHO

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    1. I agree about the division under Obama.

      But it was not only because of Obama’s policies or actions, but rather, for many, because he was black. There was, and still is, a decent segment of our nation that could not abide by the fact of electing a black man with a funny African name.

      Every thing he did was put under a racial filter. Not by everyone, but enough to go viral in today’s internet world. No matter that his efforts to avoid a total economic collapse were about a united front for all Americans suffering economically. And our enemies were not the media, the Mexicans or the GOP, but rather extremists and terrorists.

      Contrast to Trump whose words are wrapped around fear. Fear of China, of the EU, of immigrants as the source of “savage animals”, of Muslims, of environmentalists. Nationalist populism at it worst.

      And this fear mantra has a infected the GOP to the extent that they are now doing was Taylor did last year: surreptitiously support another Democrat to split the ticket.

      All this is MHO.

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      1. “Make America White Again”? What a bunch of outright bullshit. There will always be small pockets of racists in every ethnicity. Nation of Islam is a good example of black racists. Asian people generally don’t like anyone not asian. As far as Obama, aside from his socialist policies, he passed up on a wonderful opportunity to enhance racial harmony by deciding to disregard he is half white, you know, he’s really multiracial and not just black? That alone signaled playing politics, that white people don’t matter in his policies and it rubbed some the wrong way. It happens. To be honest, if he had decided to be just white, it would have had the same affect, just different people being disappointed. That’s all.


          1. And I get called out for saying someone is full of shit. You sir, are the idiot. You believe EVERYTHING Trump says, regardless of the facts that show he is lying to you. Sky is green, grass is pink, and Trump is an oligarch in the making. And YOU love him for it.

            Your hatred of Obama is so deep seated and based on the fact that he is black (half, whole or otherwise). Don’t try to wish it away by shoveling more fertilizer on to your argument. It just makes it stink that much more.

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