Meet our new DNI – but keep a barf bag handy if you care about this country.

So, this guy is one of the “best people” Trump was going to bring into government.

24 thoughts on “Meet our new DNI – but keep a barf bag handy if you care about this country.

  1. For my entire adult life, our intelligence services have led us from one disastrous foreign war to another, wasting tens of thousands of our best and brightest, only to make the world more dangerous than had we done nothing.

    I’m ready for a change

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      1. How could I know?

        A lifetime of observation.

        Faulty, or rigged intelligence has been used to justify every military expedition from Vietnam on. There is no greater concentration of warmongers.


    1. The way to fix that is not to cover our eyes and ears, but rather our mouth.

      Military adventures come from the Oval Office in today’s America. This was never the intention of the founders

      Bush invaded Iraq not so much because of our intelligence services but rather in spite of them.

      That is why it is important to have professionals in charge of national intelligence along with an administration that has well informed and interested people, including the president.

      Currently we have an aggrieved, paranoid man who thinks everyone is out to get him. And he won’t tolerate information that contradicts his worldview or that our intelligence services are not the enemy.


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        1. @Tabor
          “And yet Trump has been steadily winding down the wars his predecessors got us into.”

          Too bad, that is not true.

          I will assume you have been fooled again and are not deliberately lying, but the fact of the matter is that there are MORE U.S. forces in the Middle East now than when Obama left office.

          And then there is the fact of his steadily UNDOING the peace arrangements we had with Iran.

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    2. @Tabor
      You can blame the intelligence services for every foreign misadventure since 1945 but you would be dead wrong. Our mistakes have ALL been made by the political leadership under pressure from right wing elements in our body politic. The invasion of Iraq is a good example. In that case the political leadership ignored the intelligence services and cooked the books.

      Similarly, the war in Vietnam was NOT the product of intelligence services but Eisenhower’s, Kennedy’s and Johnson’s political fear of being blamed for a communist success. A by-product of McCarthyism.

      Or, look at the way Obama was portrayed BY YOU for having the audacity – with the support of the “deep state” – to seek a non-military solution to Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

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    1. Shoot, your hero hired a Secretary of State that had to ask a reporter from NPR to help him find Ukraine on his map.

      Trump himself thought the east coast of Florida was Alabama on a weather map. Then tried to fire people who pointed out the obvious.

      He did have no trouble finding the dressing room for the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow, however. So there is that.

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    2. …”swamp-state holdovers who leak classified info in an effort to undermine him.”

      Proof of your assertion. The last time I asked for that you stopped. I suppose you also know who Anonymous is. Or is it YOU?

      Point being, the majority of the “leaks” are part of Trump’s own administration, hired by “the best people”.

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  2. Would you please stop the phony “if you care about the country” nonsense. Everyone knows you are full rat poop and don’t care one iota about the country beyond transforming it into a Democrat communist mecca of the collective.


    1. @BobR
      Since you are clearly a knee jerk Trump supporter and continue to be one in spite of his abhorrent and criminal behavior, you do not surprise in the least when you say that caring about our country is “phony.”

      You do, however, provide a useful public service by taking the trouble to appear here and demonstrate exactly what kind of people will be calling the shots if patriotic Americans do not do their duty and vote these bums out.

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        1. @BobR

          I believe voting is a patriotic duty. Especially now. You obviously do not. That is fine.

          Since you seem to have a very solipsistic view of the the word “patriot,” here is a fact for you. Patriotism is not limited any particular party or to supporters of any particular President. Past Presidents far greater than our current Dear Leader have repeatedly made that pretty clear. One well known example was a statement by Republican President Theodore Roosevelt . . .

          “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.”

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