Bloomberg buys into the debates

$300 K rules change

And for an amazingly low price.

Actually, I think it is good to let him in, Democrats shouldn’t discriminate against billionaires. If I were one of the candidates debating him, I would place a Big Gulp on the lectern and not say anything about it.

12 thoughts on “Bloomberg buys into the debates

  1. No matter who is chosen by Democrats, single issue conservatives on gun control, abortion or “religious rights” will vote for Trump. That’s a given. They wouldn’t vote for Jesus if he didn’t pack a gun.

    Bloomberg could very well appeal to those anti-Hillary voters who just need some reasons to come back to the majority party.

    I know he talked about taxing sodas. Trump talked about yanking “broadcast licenses” (if there were such a thing). In a two party system only the truly committed and slightly delusional will agree on all planks.

    I think Bloomberg could win. He was a real life successful entrepreneur with real money from real investors.

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    1. Bloomberg is just Northam with more money and less compassion. He is an authoritarian busybody who does not see any decision in your life that he cannot make better than you. There is no greater enemy of personal liberty in the world today, and that includes communist and Islamic countries.


        1. Gun control is a canary in the coal mine. It is the freedom that protects all others.

          Any politician who pushes gun control must be assumed to intend doing something I would shoot him for.


          1. “ It is the freedom that protects all others.”

            From what?

            A president who aligns with those who want to force women to bear children?

            Or one who enlists foreigners to prosecute opponents.

            Or who yells “treason” about those who dare criticize or check his power or don’t applaud loudly enough.

            Or one who willfully destroys our environment for his pals in business.

            Those are big, fat canaries that should be heeded by true patriots worried about America.

            Your gun will do little good if your well water is polluted and fish die out.

            IMHO, of course.

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  2. On the candidates:

    Biden MAY get everything for which he is campaigning, e.g., modest tax increases on the 5% crowd, reinstatement of the ObamaCare protections, some other modest changes to the Social Safety Net, etc.

    Bernie and/or Warren CANNOT get half of anything on which they are campaigning, but they WILL get ALL on which Biden is campaigning.

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